Classic Bloody Mary

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If you want to know how to make a Bloody Mary, I’ve got you covered! A little spicy and oh so savory with a refreshing tang, this is a grown-up recipe perfect for brunches! It can be made with or without alcohol.

Read on for some fun ideas for zany garnish options!

Bloody Mary's in glasses with garnishes

What’s In A Bloody Mary?

A Bloody Mary has a handful of ingredients but they aren’t hard to find!

    • Vegetable Juice Cocktail: My fave is spicy V8, but good ol’ tomato juice works too. (If you use clamato juice it becomes a Caesar cocktail).
    • Alcohol: Vodka or substitute gin
    • Spicy: Tabasco Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, and lemon juice
    • Garnish: Celery Salt for the glass rim and a celery stalk and/or my favorite pickled beans for the garnish! Or go crazy with topping options!

What Kind of Vodka to Use: Honestly, any kind of vodka works in this bloody mary recipe.  I most often use a regular vodka (Titos is what I frequently have on hand) but you can also buy flavored vodkas (like chili pepper) that would work well in this recipe too.

Bloody Mary being poured into a glass

How To Make A Bloody Mary

While a Bloody Mary can be as fancy as you would like with the array of garnishes available, we like to keep it simple with 3 easy steps!

        1. Moisten the rim of a highball glass and roll in celery salt if desired (I use a rimming salt for some extra zing).
        2. Combine all recipe ingredients in a cocktail shaker. (If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, just use a spill proof coffee mug, and shake with your finger over the sipper spout!)
        3. Top with ice, shake it up, and strain into the prepared glass.

    Tip: For frosted glasses place them in the freezer for 1/2 hour before preparing drinks!

    Bloody Mary garnishes on a marble board

    The Best Bloody Mary Toppings

    You can stick with the recipe below, or, feel free to go crazy with your own garnishes.

    Bloody Mary insanity is the current trend (like this one I had with a burger on it), so don’t be shy, here’s where it can get really fun! Try creating a Bloody Mary cocktail bar, and let your guests choose their own garnishes!

        • Crispy bacon slices, candied bacon, or steak bites.
        • Pickled onions, olives, or pickled asparagus!
        • Cilantro, dill, or parsley sprigs.
        • Cherry peppers, jalapenos, or other peppery options!
        • Cheese chunks (why not? Jalapeno cheddar is my favorite option for this drink!)
        • Horseradish, kimchi, sauerkraut.
        • Jalapeño poppers (yes, right in the drink!).
        • Shrimp, Smoked oysters, or chunks of grilled salmon.
        • Roasted garlic and an array of ground spices like ginger, Mrs. Dash, peppercorns, red pepper flakes, you name it!

    The possibilities are endless, weird, and wonderful! Have some fun this weekend and try throwing a Bloody Mary party with friends or relatives for an unforgettable taste experience.

    Classic Cocktails

    Bloody Mary's in glasses with garnishes
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    Classic Bloody Mary

    Prep Time 10 minutes
    Cook Time 0 minutes
    Total Time 10 minutes
    Servings 1 drink
    Spicy and oh so savory with a refreshing tang!


    • celery salt for the rim of the glass optional
    • ice cubes
    • 1 ½ ounces vodka
    • ¾ cup spicy vegetable juice cocktail
    • 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
    • pinch of celery salt
    • 1 dash tabasco
    • 2 teaspoon lemon juice
    • 1 stalk celery
    • 1 pickled beans optional

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    • Moisten the rim of a glass. Pour celery salt onto a shallow plate and rub the glass in the salt. Set aside.
    • Combine all remaining ingredients (except garnisin a cocktail shaker. Top with ice and shake well.
    • Fill the prepared glass with ice and strain tomato mixture into the glass.

    Nutrition Information

    Calories: 158, Carbohydrates: 12g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 1g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Sodium: 2314mg, Potassium: 550mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 9g, Vitamin A: 1794IU, Vitamin C: 64mg, Calcium: 58mg, Iron: 2mg

    (Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.)

    Course Beverage, Drink
    Cuisine American
    Bloody Mary with a title
    Bloody Mary in a glass with a title
    Ingredients for Bloody Mary and in a glass with a title
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  1. This has always been my favorite drink, even B-4 I was ‘legal’ (Shhhh). I now make ours at home by using Lower Sodium V-8, Lemon Juice, Low Sodium Worstershire Sauce, Horseradish, Celery Salt, a stalk of celery, & a generous squeeze from a bottle of SHRIRACHA Sauce. Need I say more? Enjoy!

  2. I also enjoy making, sharing and drinking Bloidy Mary’s too! Over the years I have grown to like one ingredient not in your list – that is about a teaspoon of prepared horseradish, for me that puts it to the top. If you’re using the spicy V8 you might not need it, but I usually use plain tomato juice.

    1. My neice is known for her bloodymarys & she puts everything that you do but eliminates the lemon juice & adds maybe a couple Tablespoons of pickle juice plus celery salt inside, its amazing!!