How to Make Strawberry Roses

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collage of a single strawberry rose, with a bunch of strawberry roses

a beautiful single strawberry rose

How to Make Strawberry Roses

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WOW!  These are strawberry roses are gorgeous and you won’t believe how easy they are to make!  You will need about 2 minutes per strawberry… yes, they are that easy!

For the rose stems, I purchased roses at the dollar store and used those as my stems.  You can use skewers or lollipop sticks as well.  I recommend placing the stick or stem into the strawberry before you begin so you don’t crush the leaves once it’s done.


These make a beautiful addition to a fruit plate or would be perfect for a bridal shower or Valentine’s day (you can even make them chocolate dipped)!  The kids would also love them as a special snack dipped in whipped cream!

Things you’ll need for this recipe:

* Paring Knife * Fake (plastic) Roses * Strawberries *


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a bunch of strawberry roses


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  • Large fresh strawberries
  • Lollipop sticks or plastic rose stems
  • Small sharp paring knife


step 1 of how to make strawberry roses step 2 of how to make strawberry roses with a knife step 3 of how to make strawberry roses with a knife

  1. Wash and completely dry your strawberries. Insert the lollipop stick or rose stem in the bottom of each strawberry. (If you do it after they’re cut it squishes the petals).
  2. Starting at the bottom, cut “petals” slightly angled towards the center of the strawberry but don’t cut all the way through. You want to cut about 1/4″ down on the first row on the bottom. (I was able to get about 5-6 “petals” on the bottom row).
  3. Using the knife, gently bend each cut piece out so it can slightly curl out creating a petal shape.
  4. With the remaining rows, it works best to cut as close to the skin/red as possible as the piece will curl out better. Start the next row of petals going in between the petals you have already cut.
  5. Continue all of the way to the top. Serve immediately.

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  1. That’s the quickest and easiest way of making such a beautiful strawberry flower. I love the way you have described how to make the flower in your Youtube video. Please keep posting such stuff to enhance our knowledge on flowers.

  2. Has anyone tried to make these the day before they are needed? I would like to make 100 of them for my daughter’s cast party for Beauty and the Beast.

    1. I would suggest doing a trial run of just a few (which is great for practice) and storing them in the fridge. It will give you an idea of how long ahead of time you can make them. :)

  3. Hi very nice I made for Valentines Day for a friend it came out so nice I was going to make again for Mother’s Day I used Nutella for the chocolate. Saw it on a cook show. Not from here.

  4. how do you serve right away? if I was to make these it would be for an event and would have to be done that morning. will they store well in fridge for a few hrs?

    1. I would suggest doing a trial run of just a few (which is great for practice) and storing them in the fridge. It will give you an idea of how long ahead of time you can make them. :)

  5. Ladies before running out and buying all the supplies for the stems make sure you’ve practiced a few to get the hang of it, it’s not as easy as it looks! Your strawberries need to be really firm and the sharp knife a must and then its still takes practice and lots of patience!

  6. Love the strawberry roses. I for sure am going to try this for a dinner or party at my Church. I see all the ideas on here and pinterest and the ladies at Church thinks I am really smart. (Do I have them fooled, YES). I also do a lot of cakes for Church and going to use this on some of them instead of making icing roses. Thanks for posting.

  7. Holly, these are just beautiful Strawberry Roses. Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

  8. That is so cute. I wish I had seen it earlier today, before I committed every strawberry in the house to some other project. We have to try this. Thank you so much for sharing. I love this site.

  9. these are so pretty. I love strawberries. Thanks for linking up at Tell Me About It Tuesday. We hope you hop over and share with us again next week.

  10. I hopped over from ‘I should be mopping the floor”. What a great idea, I have never seen anything quite like this and most definitely will have to try to make some.

    Lee :)

  11. Wow! I love these Penny! They look like they would be difficult, but you explained how so nicely. Thank you for linking up to our Inspiration Monday Party…I pinned your roses a couple times, and I’m going to feature your roses in a couple minutes on FB. Have a great week! ~ Julie

    1. dollar store or any store that carries silk , just remove the rose and use the existing leaves and wipe off the top wire and insert the strawberry

    2. Buy skewers and wrap with floral wrap. Ca/n generally buy a pkg of skewers at a dollar store and the floral tape also sometime but if you can;t find the floral tape there then look for it in a craft store

  12. Will they last longer if you cover them with chocolate or drizzle with a little lime juice?? Is there something to preserve them a little after cutting??