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Why have a grocery list?

Creating a list does more than just help you remember items!

We’ve all heard the advice “Don’t shop when you’re hungry.” But even more important than that? Don’t shop without a list!

Writing down your grocery list will make for a cheaper, quicker, happier visit to the store. You’ll remember everything you need to make that Jalapeno Popper Dip, and everything for the kids’ lunches as well.

Create a list, it will:
  • Save You Money: When you plan ahead, you’ll spend less on impulse purchases and will only buy what you need.
  • Save You Time: If you have a list and feel prepared before your grocery trip, you’ll be much less likely to wander the store, trying to remember that last thing you need.
  • Help with meal planning: Preparing a grocery list helps you plan your upcoming meals making dinner that much quicker (and take out less tempting!).
  • Save Groceries: You will waste less food. Since you have already at least half-planned your meals for the next few days just by making a list, your food is less likely to spoil.
  • Save your waistline: Planned shopping trips are healthier ones. Making a list at home usually doesn’t include that frozen pizza and three dozen doughnuts, but a hungry trip without a list just might!

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Another quick tip! Don’t forget to add a little indulgence to your list. If it is all veggies, fruits, and pasta, you may make a second trip when you’re craving that double chocolate fudge ice cream and come home with more than you bargained, or budgeted, for!



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  1. I keep a list on our refrigerator so when we are running low or are out of an item it can be marked off on the list. Too many times someone will use the last of an item & not tell me, then I’d go shopping not knowing we need it (It’s usually an odd item but still necessary) . I also have my list divided by sections of the store & alphabetized. My family says I’m a little OCD LOL But my excuse is whatever makes things easier!!!

  2. I always take a list. No forgotten items and sticking to the list saves on extras you don’t need. In fact, for our Hannaford’s I made a database. It prints off a card and gives the items in order by their location in the store. Cut my time way down, but again, with a list I’m not as tempted to splurge.