Banoffee Pie

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Banoffee Pie is an amazing dessert layering sliced bananas and dulce de leche or caramel made from sweetened condensed milk & topped with whipped cream.

How to Make Banoffee Pie

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

Banoffee pie is an English dessert that has been around for years!  I actually learned about this yummy concoction from my sister!

It’s really easy to make, no baking required!  The dulce de leche in this recipe is made by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk (I always use Eagle Brand).  It is VERY important that the can is covered with water the whole time so you will need to keep an eye on it and top up the pot.  You’ll also want to make sure it’s completely cooled before opening the can.  If you don’t want to boil the can you can use the secondary method found on the Eagle Brand Website or substitute store bought dulce de leche.

I use a graham pie crust in this recipe because I love the flavor of graham with banana & caramel but you can most definitely use a traditional baked pastry pie shell!


Banoffee Pie is an amazing dessert layering sliced bananas and dulce de leche or caramel made from sweetened condensed milk & topped with whipped cream. www.spendwithpennies.comItems You’ll Need for This Recipe

*Sweetened Condensed Milk *  Graham Crust *  Heavy Cream * Bananas *

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee pie is an English dessert that has been around for years!  I actually learned about this yummy concoction from my sister!

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  • 1 graham cracker crust
  • 1 can (approx 14oz) sweetened condensed milk (or of dulce de leche, see note)
  • 3 bananas , sliced
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. If using sweetened condensed milk Remove the label from the can.
  2. Place the unopened can on it’s side in a large pot and fill with water so the water is 1″ above the can. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to a medium boil. Let boil 3 hours topping up with water as needed.
  3. Remove from heat and let cool before opening. Note: It is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure that the entire can is covered with water at all times!
  4. Slice the bananas and place them into the bottom of the crust. Pour cooled condensed milk over top.
  5. In a large bowl, whip cream, sugar & vanilla until stiff peaks form. Top pie with whipped cream and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.


If using store bought dulce de leche, you can skip the step of boiling and start with step 4.

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29 comments on “Banoffee Pie”

  1. I made this last night,can’t believe how good this is for so few ingredients. Thanks Holly!

  2. Boiled the sweetened condensed milk exactly as instructed. Kept the water topped off so can was always completely submerged in water. Opened the can about 5 minutes after taking it out of the boiling water. The sweetened condensed milk was horrible. It had like a pudding consistency. Very thick and lumpy. Smelled terrible and tasted burnt. What happened? How did this go wrong?

    • Yes, it does have a pudding consistency, it’s more like a dulce de leche flavor and consistency. It should be thick to keep the pie from being too runny.

  3. Will the bananas turn brown?

  4. Omg. When I was a young teenager my friends grandma made this and it was the best dessert I’ve ever had in my entire life to this day. I’ve been searching for this recipe ever since… And now I’ve finally found it! Thank you so much for posting this! It’s seriously been a good 15 years looking for this recipe!

  5. Oh my goodness, I made this pie yesterday and it is so good I have another can of sweetened condensed milk boiling as I type. My pie went a little runny, I’m not sure why it would have done that, but it was so good no one cared that it was soupy. Thanks for the delicious recipe! . I had not heard of this delightful bit of mouth watering goodness before, I am so happy I came across this recipe.

  6. I alway put the dulce the leche underneath the bananas. Makes for a more even spread and also top off the whipped cream with shaved chocolate… And I always make cook more than one can of condensed milk at a time. You can keep them for a year and only have to heat them slighty to use in a next banoffee pie or another recipe.

  7. I used dulce de leche but it did not set. What did I do wrong?

  8. They make caramal sweetened condensed milk can you use that?

    • I’ve seen it (although it isn’t available everywhere) but I haven’t tried it. The only thing I would be concerned about is that it isn’t thick enough to stand up on it’s own. It would still taste great but might be a little runny.

  9. why do you have to boil the can?

  10. Grat recipes! For the dulce de leche: I boil it in a pressure cooker and it only takes 1 hour. It saves a lot of electricity and time. I cover the cans that fit loosely in the bottom of the cooker with water( the extra ones I keep unopened in the refrigerator for other deserts). Close it very tight and start with high heat. When it starts to boil I lower it to med-low just to hear them dancing a little bit inside the pot. I start counting the hour when they start to boil. Stir the dulce de leche inside the can or in a bowl before using it.

  11. I love these recipes and I would like to have more on how to make a right make a baby cake for a baby shower or like a stomach with the poops if you got any suggestions give me out please I love cooking That I have a cake made by May 8 for a baby shower

    • I have baked a cake in a bowl before to get a round shape (for a ball), so that would probably work for your baby belly too! :) Hope that helps!

  12. How long did you cook the sweented condensed milk in the crockpot?

  13. This looks SO good! Banoffee Pie sounds like my kind of dessert!
    I love homemade dulce de leche! So easy and makes great little gifts too :)

  14. One absolutely gorgeous pie! Must try this. (Yay for the English and glad your sister tipped you off!)

  15. What an absolutely delicious looking pie! I love caramel and bananas together!!!

  16. WHOA look at that dulce de leche pour! Yum!

  17. You can also cook the sweetened condensed milk in a small crock pot. Stir it every couple of hours. I like this method better than boiling it because it seems less dangerous and I don’t have to fight my stainless steel afterwards to get it clean!
    I’m going to be making this pie as soon as I get some bananas!

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