Make your own Sidewalk Chalk.. plus 9 Fun Ways to Use it!

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Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk from Spend With Pennies 6

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk… Plus 9 fun games!

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Summer is in full-swing. Your budget may be low this summer, but fun can still be at an all time high!  All you need for hours of fun in the sun with your kids? A box of sidewalk chalk and a parking lot or driveway!  Sidewalk chalk is available everywhere and it’s inexpensive… but here’s a super fun activity for the kids!

Make your own sidewalk chalk!

  • Find a mold suitable for making chalk, which is almost anything from a solo cup to a fancy store-bought one. You can also use this to make shaped sidewalk chalk for birthday party favors. So go ahead and make those dinosaur or Hello Kitty chalk pieces; the kids will love it!
  • Mix 1 part Plaster of Paris to one part water.  (You can grab it online or at the hardware store.)
  • Change the color of your chalk by adding tempera paint (powdered works best), which can be found at most crafting stores. Blend these together and let stand for about ten minutes.
  • Pour it into your mold and let dry, then remove it from the mold and and let it dry some more (maybe a day or two). Then it’s time to play!

Fun Games to Play this Summer with Nothing but Sidewalk Chalk

  1. Go For the Classics: Remember playing hopscotch in school? Your kids may not! Time to show them how it’s done. Add a jump rope or extend the board for extra fun!
  2. Add a little water: Have you ever gotten a piece of sidewalk chalk a little damp? You should try it! The colors become vibrant and thick, and your sidewalk art will take on a whole new look!
  3. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe: Have a tic-tac-toe contest. Make the boards as big or as small as you want.
  4. Twister: You can recreate a Twister board in chalk. It’s super fun because it’s also messy!
  5. Invisible Obstacles: Make an invisible course, with objects blocking the path. Write things like “crawl around” or “jump over” around blocks of color. This course can continuously expand!
  6. Maze time: Draw a maze for either walking or riding bikes around.
  7. Make a baseball diamond: Also great for kickball courses!
  8. Color Hop: Best for toddlers. Hop from one circle to the next, calling out the color as you jump!
  9. Aim is the Game: Draw several squares on the ground, or larger or smaller circles. Assign point values to each circle or square, then have each child stand a predetermined difference. Toss rocks, bottle caps, marshmallows, or whatever you have laying around at the squares and count up your points!


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