New Uses for Mouthwash!

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New Uses for Mouthwash

Other Uses for Mouthwash

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Mouthwash was originally invented in the 1800s as an antiseptic for surgery, to kill germs and keep patients safe. Those same properties are what help to kill germs in your mouth, and leave behind a minty fresh breath. But the antibacterial properties also can help with the chores around the house in a pinch. Check out these odd uses for that giant bottle of bad tasting mouthwash you may have laying around!

Kill lice: No more lice! Just pour some Listerine into a spray bottle, and spray it throughout your hair, coating most of your roots and let it dry. Let it sit overnight in your hair. The antiseptic will help to kill the bugs without nasty lice treatments and super strong chemicals. Wash your hair the next day and repeat as necessary until the little critters are gone.

Save your plants: If you have a plant, especially Orchids, that is susceptible to crown rot or bacteria, spray your plant with a little Listerine (off brands won’t work for this). It will kill the bacteria and keep your plant healthy and happy.

Toilet cleaning: In a pinch, Mouthwash will scrub the inside of your toilet like it scrubs the inside of your mouth! Just pour a couple of cups into the bowl and scrub with a toilet brush. Let it soak for a few minutes before flushing, and you’ll have a shiny, clean toilet!

Cure athletes foot:  If you’ve got a mild case of athletes foot, dab the infected area with mouthwash on a cotton ball a couple of times a day.

Disinfect a scrape:  Most mouthwashes contain antibacterial properties.  If you have a scrape and don’t have any way to clean it, just rub it with a little bit of mouthwash.  Beware, if the mouthwash has alcohol in it, this may sting so it isn’t recommended for little ones.

Relieve itching:  Did you accidentally find poison ivy on your camping trip?  Use a little mouthwash to relieve the itch!  Works well on mosquito bites too, just apply to a cotton ball and dab on the bite.

Clean your toothbrush: Toothbrushes can get nasty germs on them sitting around in your bathroom. Sanitize them by dipping them into a small cup of mouthwash. Let the toothbrush sit for a few minutes, then rinse. Good as new.

Foot soak:  Fill a shallow pan or basin with one part of white, distilled vinegar and one part mouthwash. Soak your feet in for fifteen minutes to get rid of athlete’s foot, other foot fungus, and even make the callouses loosen and eventually fade away.

Freshen your gym socks:  Got some smelly gym socks that need freshening?  Add one cup of alcohol-based mouthwash to the regular wash cycle.  (Make sure it’s  sugarless).

Say goodbye to dandruff: Take a cup of mouthwash and pour it over your hair before shampooing. Let it sit for about five minutes before continuing with your shower, being careful not to get any in your eyes. Your dandruff will fade away in no time, leaving your hair clean and flake free.

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