New Uses for Used Coffee Grounds!

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New Uses for Used Coffee Grounds!!

New Uses for Used Coffee Grounds 

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The best part of waking up is definitely smell fresh brewed coffee in your cup. The average American drinks about one and a half cups of coffee every day, which means you probably throw out hundreds of pounds of coffee grounds over your lifetime. No need! Coffee grounds have tons of uses!

Help your compost pile: Coffee grounds, whether used or not are great for compost piles! The grounds make for a great aid for your earthworms’ digestions, which means they’ll be able to eat more and stay healthier as they eat up all your compost!

Fertilizer: Coffee grounds are highly acidic, so you can add them right to your topsoil for any of your green friends that like acidic soil! Use coffee grounds to give your azaleas and your rose bushes a boost!

Pots and pans: Do your aluminum pans need a good scrubbing? Add a few tablespoons of used coffee grounds to your pan before scrubbing with a sponge or cloth to add a little roughness. The extra grit will help you to scrub the pans cleaner, quicker, without using smelly chemicals or steel wool that’s rough on your fingers.

Antique paper: Coffee grounds make for a great dye. Just add a few tablespoons of wet coffee grinds to a pan of water, and dip your paper in. The paper will come out looking worn and antiqued. Crumple up the paper beforehand to make perfect pirate treasure map paper!

Repellant: Keep the crawlies out of your garden by spreading coffee grounds around the edges. The acidity will help to keep away the slugs and bugs, and the smell will help to keep away the bigger pests, like deer and rabbits. It will even help to keep out the neighborhood dogs and cats that like to dig around in your flowerbeds!

Blue Hydrangeas: Adding some coffee grounds to the soil around your hydrangea bushes will make them a brilliant, beautiful blue! The acidity helps the plants to retain more aluminum, which gives them their pretty blue glow.

Exfoliant: Coffee grounds are great for a facial! Take the grounds and add a little honey to them, then rub right into your skin. Let sit for a few minutes, then rinse all of the grounds off. Your skin will feel baby smooth and soft.

Cleaning Ashes: If you have a fireplace or an outdoor firepit, you know cleaning it can be a hassle. You scoop up the ashes and some of it always flies out of the fireplace onto the carpet or onto you! Keep the ashes clumped up by adding some used, still damp coffee grounds before cleaning. Not only will it help to keep the ashes contained, it will help to deodorize as well!

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