New Uses for Flour!!

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Here are some great uses for flour that you may have never heard of!

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Flour isn’t just for baking! Though primarily used for baking and cooking, flour is a great household item that can help clean, create, and save!

  1. Clean your cards: If you have a deck of playing cards that are greasy, drop all 52 cards into a baggie with ¼ cup of all-purpose or bread flour. Shake, then take out the cards one by on, flicking the flour off into the sink. The flour will soak up your skin oils from the cards and they’ll be good as new again!
  2. Make your own clay: Kids need a rainy day activity? Make them some clay! Mix 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of water, ¼ cup of salt, and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil together. Add a couple of drops of food coloring and knead the whole concoction, adding more flour or water until the right consistency is reached. This is a safe, non-toxic, inexpensive and organic way for your kids to play!
  3. Polish your metals: Mix white vinegar, flour and salt together to make a paste. Scrub over copper, steel, chrome, or aluminum to give it a good shine. Let the paste dry on the metal before scrubbing it off and it will sparkle like new.
  4. Dry Shampoo:  Running late but need to do something with your hair?  Sprinkle a tiny bit of flour in the roots and brush through.  The flour will soak up any oil making your hair look fresh and new.
  5. Protect your spuds:  Sprinkle some flour on your potato plants to deter ants and other bugs without using chemicals!!
  6. Ripen Avocados Quickly:  Need to whip up a batch of guacamole for a party but your avocados are still green?  Place them in a bowl of flour to quickly ripen them (within a day or two).

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