Treat Filled Yarn Eggs

treat filled yarn eggs on a plate


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Spend With Pennies
This Easter craft is incredibly fun and easy, and makes for great presentation as a table centerpiece or in an Easter basket.  Kids love making these and you can use any color of yarn you have on hand!

You’ll need:

  • Latex balloons
  • Thin yarn or embroidery floss
  • 4 tablespoons of white craft glue (such as Elmer’s)
  • 4 tablespoons of water
  • Small individually-wrapped candies or chocolates
  • Scissors


  1. In a small cup or bowl, mix together the water and glue until it forms a thick liquid.
  2. Cut several sections of yarn, each about 2 feet long.
  3. Take each balloon and gently stretch the neck open wide enough that you can insert your individually wrapped candies. It’s helpful to have someone else present with this step, one of you can hold the balloon open while the other pushes the candies through.
  4. When you have as many candies inside the balloon as you’d like, gently blow the balloon up until it’s about the size of a baseball and egg-shaped. You can experiment to find the size and shape that you like best. When satisfied with the size and shape, tie a knot in the balloon’s neck.
  5. Take a piece of yarn or embroidery floss and put it in the water/glue mixture, coating it completely. Gently run it through your fingers to remove any excess, but don’t squeegee it too dry.
  6. Wrap the gluey yarn or floss around your balloon, trying to make sure that the yarn crosses and lays over itself as much as possible, but leaving open spots of about 1/2 inch, so that you’ll be able to see the treasures inside the egg between the strands when it’s finished. Repeat with as many pieces of yarn as desired, tucking the ends under other strands as you go.
  7. When you’ve finished wrapping your egg-shaped balloon with the glue mixture-soaked yarn or floss, let it dry for at least a day. Turn it over once to make sure it’s dry on all sides. If the string is the least bit wet, the egg will collapse when the balloon is popped.
  8. When your yarn or floss has dried completely, it’s time to pop the balloon. To do this, gently grasp the neck of your balloon, and, using sharp scissors, slice it off as close to the egg-shaped yarn as possible. The balloon will quickly shrink, leaving it trapped inside.
  9. Pull the balloon to the side of your egg, then gently shake it to empty out the candies. If you need to, you can carefully insert the blades of your scissors and cut larger hole in the balloon or snip it away bit by bit, eventually removing the balloon completely, and leaving your candies trapped inside.

close up of treat filled yarn egg



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