My girls LOVED these eggs!  Although the layers take a little bit of time, they are so cute and were really simple to make!

layered egg shaped jello on a plate

REPIN Jell-O Easter Eggs

When I saw these beautiful Easter eggs from Choose to Thrive I knew I had to give them a try!  I didn’t have the egg molds so I was able to use dollar store plastic eggs to make these and it worked perfectly!

I used plastic eggs from the dollar store and a plastic syringe to get the Jell-O into the eggs (you can also get them at the pharmacy, the one I use is for measuring medicine).

colorful jello easter eggs

Tips For the Perfect Jello Easter Eggs

Here are some tips for making these turn out great:

    • Do not use a knife to put holes in your plastic eggs… (the knife can easily slip through the plastic unexpectedly…  trust me on this!)
    • Oil the inside of the eggs VERY well so they come out easily
    • Place the egg upside down and fill it from the larger end.  If you have any air bubbles they will be at the bottom of your egg when you’re done.
    • You can mix all of your Jell-O with boiling water at the beginning if you choose.  Do not add the yogurt until right before you are ready to pour that layer, it hardens quickly.
    • Run the egg under hot water for a few seconds before taking them out of the molds
    • Make a couple more than you plan on needing, a couple of them may split apart while you perfect the “unmolding”.

I used plastic eggs from the dollar store.  My eggs did have tiny holes on each end…  in order to get the Jell-O into the eggs, I had to make the hole bigger on one side so I just twisted a pair of scissors into the hole to make it a bit bigger.  Do not use a knife to do this…  I am speaking from experience.   


plastic eggs with scissors
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colorful jello easter eggs
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Jell-O Easter Eggs

When I saw these beautiful Easter eggs from Choose to Thrive I knew I had to give them a try! I didn’t have the egg molds so I was able to use dollar store plastic eggs to make these and it worked perfectly!
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 30 minutes
Servings 10 eggs


  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 4 boxes Jell-O in 4 different colors 3 ounces each
  • boiling water
  • 4 tablespoons greek yogurt


  • 10 plastic eggs or egg molds
  • empty styrofoam egg tray
  • plastic syringe


Mold Preparation

  • On one end of the egg, ensure there is a hole big enough to use for filling the egg. (You can make it larger with scissors, a nail or a drill).
  • Important: Oil the inside of each egg very well by dipping a paper towel into the oil and making sure the entire inside is covered.
  • If your plastic egg has holes on both ends, place a very small spoonful (about 1 teaspoon) in the bottom of the styrofoam egg tray and place your plastic egg in the tray (the jello will be on the outside of the egg). Refrigerate about 5-10 minutes or until set. (This step will block the holes so the Jell-O doesn’t leak out).

FIlling the Eggs

  • Combine 1 box of Jell-O with ½ cup boiling water. Stir until well dissolved.
  • Using the plastic syringe, fill each egg ⅛ full with your first color. You should have just under ½ cup jello left over once you’ve done this step. Refrigerate the plastic eggs about 10-15 minutes.
  • Add 1 tablespoon greek yogurt to the remaining Jell-O and stir very well. Put this layer over the first layer of Jell-O.
  • Repeat with the remaining colors of Jell-O allowing it to set between each layer. Allow to set 4 hours or overnight.
  • To unmold the Jell-O, run each egg under hot tap water for about 3-4 seconds. Gently squeeze the egg and you should see the Jell-O release from the mold. If not, gently run it under water again for a few more seconds.
4.75 from 12 votes

Nutrition Information

Calories: 12 | Sodium: 4mg | Potassium: 8mg | Calcium: 7mg

Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.

Course Snack
Cuisine American

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  1. Wow. Did not work out for me. The process took over 4 hours and was not worth it at all. Was looking for a pretty and simple dessert for Easter dinner tomorrow, not an intricate piece that requires me to be up past midnight waiting for jello to set. The syringe kept popping the eggs open with the air it was injecting and jello kept spilling all over the place. Will not be trying again :) hope it works for all you guys

    1. Step 3 is where the hole is plugged. You place a little jello in your egg tray and set the plastic egg in it. This will plug the hole once it cools.

      1. I have seen that too and you could, I’m sure it would work although I’m not sure if the glue would be food safe though.

      2. Can u please explain how you plug the holes with jello. I tried it multiple times & it just kept filling up the tray sides & overflowing as I filled the eggs. Or explain further the super glue option?

      3. If you are only adding about 1 teaspoon or less it shouldn’t overflow. You’ll need to let the little bit setup in the fridge before adding the remaining Jell-o.

  2. I loved these ideas bit I just tried to make them and it’s way harder than it seemed. I couldn’t fill the extra holes and by the time the first layer of jello was harding the extra left over jello already hardened. I’m really upset they didn’t work.

    1. Why were you unable to fill the holes? Did you use a syringe?

      My Jell-O didn’t harden before I made the layers, if your Jell-o is hardening too quickly, you can keep it in a hot water bath to keep it warm or you can even just slightly remelt it. Jello does just fine being remelted as long as it isn’t boiled. Hopefully those tips help you.

  3. I’m trying to figure out what you mean by filling the carton to plug up the hole. Do you put a little of the kell in the carton and then stick the egg on it to harden that way? And then you fill the egg from the to without removing the egg from the carton?

    1. Yes, if you just put a little in the carton and then put the empty plastic egg in it the Jell-o will harden. If you don’t remove the egg, this will act as a plug.

  4. I would love to make these for my son. Does any one know if I could use pudding instead of yogurt since my son is allergic to yogurt.

  5. Jello has a receipt for jello jigglers and also eggs especially made for this so there is no drilling holes in plastic eggs, the ones I have are in a rack of 6 that stand up and you just fill them through the top. the layers are cool but you are going to too much trouble , just buy jello and the egg holders are free. I have 5 or 6 that I use all the time

    1. Hi Ursula

      How do I go about getting the egg stand. ,i buy jello all the time.
      Appreciate your help on how tomorger them

    1. You could try coconut milk. I’ve read that if you let full fat coconut milk settle, you can skim the thicker part at the top and try using that or even just a small amount of coconut milk. I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure how it will work for you.

  6. I’m confused. When you make the other colors, are you only mixing the powder with jello? Do you mix all of the colors with water and the layers get water and yogurt? The instructions seem as if you only mix the first layer with water and every other later is powder and yogurt

    1. You will repeat steps 1-3 with each color. Mix the powder with water, use a little bit of the mixture. Add yogurt to the remaining liquid and use it for the next layer. Repeat with the next color.

      1. I tried this with the eggs that come apart in the center. No matter how much I tried and how many different kinds of tapes are used to seal the egg, the Jell-O kept seeping out and wouldn’t work properly at all. Any recommendations?

      2. Hmm. I wonder if you could secure the ends with a rubber band and then tape? Or maybe try the medical kind of tape that you might secure a bandage with?

      3. Sorry, i should have mentioned that I used the same color and filled the eggs to the top without adding yogurt. By doing the rainbow style egg maybe the yogurt layer was at the middle where the ‘crack ‘ is, therefore no leaking. i did try scotch tape, double sided tape and waterproof tape, and they still sprung a leak! Maybe the rubber band will work! There’s always Next Year!!

  7. How can you add only 1/2 cup boiling water and still have 1/2 cup left? is it that you use so little jello in the first layer that you have so much left? do you have some of each color jello left over at the end?

    1. Yes, you add half a cup and the powder.. so you have just over 1/2 cup. You just use such a very small amount.

  8. Cute idea! Are these eggs you used/recommended whole or have split…I seem only to find whole ones & can’t see a non-mangled way of removing the jello eggs. Ideas or advice?

    1. I have only tried it with Greek yogurt. Hopefully another reader may have tried it with regular yogurt and can let you know how it worked out.

    2. I found using cool whip works WAY better than yogurt. Using a thawed cool whip easily mixes with the liquid jello and keeps for longer than yogurt. My family also prefers the taste of the eggs made with cool whip rather than a yogurt! Good luck!

  9. So you don’t add the cold water to the jello after the boiling water? Like the normal way you make jello? Also if you wanted to make adult eggs, could you add booze to them? How?

    1. There is a recipe for rainbow jello shot cake. You can find it thru Google. That recipe can be applied to this method with the eggs. Works the same way.

  10. Do you have to use the yogurt? Is that the only way to create the different colors (different layers)?

    1. Look for a layered Jell-O recipe that calls for sweetened condensed milk. I saw one with red, white, and green layers before Christmas. It might take some experimentation to get the correct proportion. Just a thought.

  11. how long is it good for? can i make it 3 days in advance or more before eating it? thank you for sharing creative and wonderful ideas

  12. do I have to let the egg set for 4hours between each color or about how long do I need to let it set between colors?

  13. A hot ice pick is ideal to make holes in the eggs. Push from inside out. Heat ice pick on stove burner.