How to get rid of spiders, bugs & other common insects in your house

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How to Keep Bugs Out

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Bugs can be really difficult to get rid of, once they have invaded your home. Better to prevent them entering your home in the first place. If you’re looking for some great home remedies for pest control, you’ve found the right place! Especially if you are wanting to know how to get rid of spiders!

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Here are some natural, homebrewed, or chemical solutions to keeping pests out, and keeping your home clean and bug free all summer!

  1. Spray the perimeter: Keeping bugs out can be as simple as going to your local gardening or home store and grabbing a container full of liquid barrier. It will kill any pests trying to cross the threshold into your territory. Make sure to spray the doors and windowsills about once a month, but not around where children and pets play.
  2. Keep your pets bug-free: Make sure your pets are bug free with anti-tick and flea medications on a regular basis. This will keep those nasty critters from breeding on your poor animals, and keep them from getting on you, too!
  3. Keep it clean: Making sure there’s no leftover food in the trashcan or sink for very long can help to keep the bugs out; if there’s not food to attract them, they won’t want to come in.
  4. Plug the holes: Keeping bugs out may be as simple as making sure your house is sealed properly. Check the weather stripping on windows and doors, and make sure holes where pests could live are sealed shut.
  5. Salt: Sprinkling salt in window sills will help to fend off ants, snails and slugs.
  6. Chalk:  Ants will not cross a line of chalk.  Just use simple sidewalk chalk to draw a line around windows/doors to keep the ants outside.
  7. Peppermint (great for getting rid of spiders): Sprinkle warm water mixed with a little dish soap and some peppermint essential oils around window sills and doorways. This will keep spiders and bugs from wanting in to your place. NOTE: If you have cats that come in and out, avoid using essential oils, as they are really bad for cats. Ensure your essential oils are safe to use around children and dogs.

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