Stock up on sweet corn when it’s in season and freeze it to enjoy throughout the year!

Learning how to freeze corn and preserve a fresh bounty is not only a good idea, it’s super easy!

corn in bags to show How to Freeze Corn

What Types of Corn is Best for Freezing?

Sweet varieties of corn are best for freezing because they maintain their flavor better than starchier varieties. Choose ears that have neat, plump rows of intact kernels and smell sweet!

To Blanche or Not to Blanche?

  • Blanching corn on the cob whole preserves its color and texture and makes it easier to remove whole kernels from the cob when it’s frozen, but it’s not absolutely necessary.
  • Blanche ears for about 4 minutes in boiling water, drain, cool, and then freeze per one of the methods below for up to a year. Use zippered bags with the date labeled on the outside.
  • Freezing without blanching creates a less colorful, softer kernel which would be good for corn pudding or cornbread.

cutting off corn to show process of How to Freeze Corn

Best Way to Freeze Corn

Freezing corn fresh off the cob is super easy!

  1. Blanche and cool the cobs if desired (this is optional).
  2. Hold corn upright in a large bowl. Cut corn off the cob using a knife. Slice the kernels off one side and rotate the cob and slice off the rest of the kernels.
  3. Place kernels on a baking sheet and freeze. Once frozen, transfer to a freezer bag, label with the date, & freeze for up to a year.

PRO TIP: Due to the shape of the ears, freezing corn with a food saver makes the job a cinch because it adheres perfectly to the shape of each ear and ensures no frost or freezer burn. If using a food saver, corn can be frozen for 2-3 years!

corn on a baking sheet to show How to Freeze Corn

Can I Freeze Corn on the Cob in the Husk?

Freezing corn on the cob in the husk doesn’t change anything about the corn itself. Use this method if you are short on time.

  1. Simply cut off the silky threads from the very top of the ear.
  2. Close the husks around the corn & wrap tightly in plastic wrap.
  3. Place in zippered bags with the date labeled on the outside. They will last up to a year.

Delish Dishes with Corn

cutting corn into a bowl to show How to Freeze Corn with writing
corn in a bag with writing to show How to Freeze Corn
cutting corn into a bowl to show How to Freeze Corn
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