How to get rid of Fruit Flies (without chemicals)!

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fruit flies in a bowl of bananas and tomatoes

The summer months will bring warmer weather, and along with that warmer weather comes bugs. If you leave your bananas or other fruit to ripen on the counter, you may end up with a few fruit flies in your home. Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time (eewww right?), so make sure you get rid of them quickly if you see a any floating around in your kitchen.

Luckily for you, it’s super easy to get rid of fruit flies. They love the smell of apple cider vinegar, wine, beer and fruit juice. Take one of those and pour it into a cup. Add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid, like Dawn, and swirl it around.  I have tried wine, beer and juice and while all of them work, I had the best success with the apple cider vinegar!!  (Apple cider vinegar is useful for SO many other things!)

Make a large cone out of paper and stick it in the cup (I prefer to use a disposable cup for this).  The little flying pests, drawn in by the smell of a snack, will fly into the trap, but will never fly back out again!  You’ll be rid of your flying friends in no time. Make sure to wash all of the fruits and veggies on your counters after the bugs are gone to get rid of any eggs, and your kitchen will be safe and debugged again!

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  1. I been doing this for years it does work but my I put plastic and a hole in the Middle, they go in but they don’t come out

  2. I did this and I was fruit fly free in 2 days. Just a side note that bananas are the worst fruit that attracts them. My sister won’t even buy bananas in the summer for that reason.

  3. Sounds great, I’m definitely trying this…wondered why the paper cone was needed though…thanks!