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 Sweet Notes to Add to Your Kids’ Lunch Boxes

Your child is having a rough day at school. He grabs his lunch from his locker and walks to the cafeteria, deflated. However, when he opens up his brown paper bag, there’s a little smile waiting for him inside.

A note that lets them know that while not every day is going to be awesome, Mom is at home waiting and loves him!

18 Adorable & Inspiring Lunchbox Ideas

      1. Welcome the weekend: Add a little note to their lunches that proclaims “TGIF!” in big letters. If they’re having a long week, this will remind them of the two days of freedom they have right around the corner!
      2. Remind them of you: Remind your children of how much you love them by writing “You light up my days!” or even a simple “I love you!”
      3. Proud mama: Remind your children that you are proud of them with a little lunch note. A little “I am proud of you,” can go a long way!
      4. Super sweet: If you have any artistic abilities, drawing them a little cupcake, cookie or candy, proclaiming that they are “as sweet as” your drawing!”
      5. Keep it simple: A simple “have a good day!” can mean the world to your little one!
      6. Crack them up: Laugh it up with a joke note in their lunch! Tell a little joke, and they will crack a smile. For example: “Why does a seagull fly over the sea? Because if it flew over the bay it would be called a bagel!”
      7. Do something unexpected: Doodle a picture of a cow on their napkin and have it saying “woof.”
      8. Make a fortune: Do you remember the fortune stars you used to fold in elementary school? Make one for your child! Write in fortunes like: “Your day will be awesome!” and “Your lunch will be delicious!”
      9. Don’t be afraid to be corny: Draw a tulip with a face on it on their napkin. Have the note read “If children were flowers, I would pick you!”
      10. Boost their ego: Tell your child that they are a smart cookie, and attach that note to their favorite cookie! It will make them smile and give them a tasty snack to get through the day!
      11. Origami: Fold up a special animal or shape for their lunch, with printed instructions for how they can replicate it, along with a couple of square sheets of origami paper!
      12. Puns are fun: Doodle a picture and make a pun of it. “Orange you glad it’s time for lunch?” “Owl’s well at lunch!”
      13. Use a photo: Print your favorite photo of the two of you into their lunch, with a little note reminding them of what was going on in the picture, and what you two were up to!
      14. Wish them luck: A little “Good luck on your math test!” can go a long way in helping boost your child’s confidence throughout the day!
      15. Riddles: “What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?” It’s a clock, of course!
      16. Add some stickers: Give your child a sheet of fun stickers to share with friends!
      17. For the holidays: Have themed notes for the different holidays, such as love notes for Valentine’s Day, a countdown to winter break for Christmas, and Tom the Turkey for Thanksgiving!
      18. Boost their confidence: “It seems impossible until it’s done,” and “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream,” are great inspirational quote for the kids at lunch time!

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