How to Cut Onions without Tears!

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How to Cut Onions without Tears!

6 Great tips to try out to keep your eyes dry when cutting onions.  Let us know which of these have worked for you!

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Why do we cry when we cut onions? Onions contain an enzyme that, when mixed with the natural wetness of our eyes, turns into sulphuric acid. The acid is what makes your eyes itch and water. So the key to keeping your eyes clear is to keep the acid from getting in your eyes in the first place.

  1. Burn a candle: Having a flame nearby is supposed to “attract” the enzymes and keep them far away from your eyes. Not only that, but it was also make your kitchen smell nice, so it’s a win win!
  2. Bread: Chewing a piece of bread or holding it around the handle of the knife is supposed to keep the enzymes from getting to your eyes. In theory, the enzymes are supposed to get caught up in the bread, staying away from your eyes completely. Sounds like an easy one to try out.
  3. Food processor: Having a machine doing your chopping for you will prevent the tears in the first place. Food chopper and processors start at about $10 at retail stores and online, so you’ll have no excuses for crying over your dinner.
  4. Use your range hood: Utilize your range hood to prevent onion induced tears. Just cut the onion under your range hood with the fan on high. The onion scent won’t be able to get near your eyes if they are being sucked up.
  5. Keep your knife sharp: The sharper the knife, the less bruising will occur when your chop onions. The less bruising, the less gas is emitted. Try giving your blades a good sharpening, and they may save your eyes.
  6. Swimwear: Bust out those pool goggles for tearless onion cutting! The waterproof seal against your face that swimming goggles produce will help to keep the oniony scent from attacking your peepers.

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