Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tarts

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An Oreo cookie base, fresh tart juicy raspberries, and luscious chocolate ganache. These gorgeous little tarts LOOK as incredible as they taste – and they’re NO BAKE!!!

Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tart with a fork

You will either hate me or love me when you see this. You might love me AND hate me. Because of this, my friends is one of those gorgeous little treats that tick all the boxes (especially in summer!). It’s fast to make, it’s NO BAKE, incredibly easy, FUN, tastes incredible and they look pretty too, don’t you think?

Oh! And to top that all off, they are incredibly versatile too! I make these with strawberries, blueberries and once I even plonked soft salted caramel fudge inside. They were a HUGE hit!

The base of these is made with Oreo cookies. Just bash them up until they form crumbs, then mix in butter. I love using Oreo cookies as a biscuit base because the cream filling makes the biscuit base more moist than most, and also it helps it hold together.

Plus, of course, I love Oreos!

Two pictures, one of Oreo cookies in a ziploc baggie next to a rolling pin and other picture is of crushed Oreos in a white bowl

Then press into muffin tins, pop a few raspberries in each, then pour over the ganache. Refrigerate until firm, peel off the paper, then serve!

Collage picture of Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tarts in cupcake liners and pouring chocolate over raspberries

If you want the paper to peel off extra neatly so they look like the ones in the photos, then just pop them in the freezer. Once they are very firm (don’t need to freeze all the way through) then the paper peels off really neatly.

But this is just an optional step because the paper peels off fine by just refrigerating. It just comes off cleaner if you freeze it for 45 minutes to 1 hour. :-)

This is a great back-pocket recipe to have in your dessert repertoire because it is so versatile and really fast to prepare. And really, let’s be honest. Raspberry + oreos + chocolate ganache = dream team.

Am I right or am I right? :-)

Several Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tarts Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tarts in a muffin tin

Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tarts with a title
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Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tarts

Servings 12
Author Nagi from RecipeTin Eats
Course Dessert
Gorgeous little tarts with an Oreo cookie base, raspberries and smothered in chocolate ganache. These are NO BAKE and incredibly easy to make!


  • 1 packet (4.8 oz) oreo cookies
  • 3 tbsp / 45g unsalted butter , melted
  • 8 oz raspberries (fresh or frozen), plus more to decorate
  • 12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips / dark chocolate melts
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream

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  • Place Oreos in a ziplock bag and bash with rolling pin to make fine crumbs. Or do this in your food processor.
  • Transfer crumbs to a bowl and stir through butter.
  • Place chocolate chips in a bowl.
  • Heat cream until just before boiling point. Pour over chocolate chips. Leave for 5 minutes then stir until smooth.
  • Line a standard 12 whole muffin tin with paper cases. Divide oreo crumbs between holes, press in firmly.
  • Divide raspberries between holes. Poor over chocolate Ganache. Bang muffin tin lightly to smooth out surface.
  • Refrigerate for 3 hours or until firm. Peel off paper then serve, garnished with extra raspberries. If you want the paper to peel off extra neatly, place in freezer for 45 minutes - 1 hour, then peel.

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Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tarts with a title

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