How to set goals… FREE Printable so you can set your own goals from getting organized to saving money and shopping! Find TONS of inspirational ideas to Kick-Start your new year!

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Well, here we are nearly a month into 2015…

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a new year.  Something about changing the year on the calendar feels like a fresh start to me!

New Year’s Resolutions?

I personally make New Year’s Resolutions as a way to challenge myself by choosing a few simple goals that I can work towards throughout the year!

At the end of each year, I look back and decide what I wish I’d done more of and less of throughout the year…  and those become the basis of my goals for the new year!   (And here is a great YouTube playlist to Kick-Start your new year!)

Kick-Start To A New You!

If you are looking for a great beginning to Kick-Start YOUR new year, you may have made your own resolutions!  Did you know that 74% of Americans make resolutions and that the following 5 resolutions are the most common made each and every year!*

  • Lose Weight/Get Fit
  • Get Organized
  • Eat Healthy
  • Save Money
  • Quit Smoking

To get started you can print off a FREE Printable Goal Sheet!  This will guide you through setting up and following through your own goals!

Print your goal sheets here

Achieving Your Goals!

Making goals is great but equally important is figuring out how to attain those goals by making a plan…  and this You Tube playlist to Kick-Start the New Year with KIN has so many fab ideas to get things going!  I’ve added a few of my favorites below…  but there are so many goodies I know you guys will love!

Tips to achieve your goals:

Set goals and share them with others:

Write your goals down, this reinforces them with yourself.  This is very important!!  You can get FREE PRINTABLE GOAL SHEETS here!  Share them with your family and friends, not only does this add in accountability but they can offer you support.

Be specific:

When setting goals, be specific and realistic!    Rather than just “lose weight” set a specific goal such as “I plan to lose 12 pounds by February 14”.

Have a plan:

If your goal is to lose weight (great tips here) or get organized, plan exactly how you are going to achieve that goal! (You’ll find some great starting ideas here to Kick-Start the New Year)!

Reward Yourself:

Make mini goals for along the way and celebrate your little successes along the way!  Rewards don’t have to cost money…  did you make it through the Treadmill Interval Workout?  Reward yourself with a long soak in a bubble bath!

Strive to get better, not for perfection:

Everyday is a new day.  If you slip up, just  brush yourself off and get back on track towards your goal!

My Own Resolutions!

This year I am really focussing on eating well (especially breakfast!), being active and getting more organized.

1.  Eating better…  this is something that is not only great for my own well being but also for my family!  I do most of the shopping and meal planning so this goal will benefit my family too!  With 3 kids still at home we are always on the go between school, sports and after school jobs the key is planning and being organized. water bottle, glass of juice and an apple

  • Plan Your Week:  Planning your meals for the upcoming week is a great start to eating well.  Throwing some chicken breasts into the slow cooker and coming home to a ready meal is healthier, cheaper and much quicker than running through the drive through!

(Here are some great tips for shopping for healthier foods on a budget!)

  • Prepare ahead of time:  If you spend a little bit of time on the weekend prepping your meals it will make meals a snap for the rest of the week. Having things you can just serve the kids as a grab and go item like these super easy make ahead breakfast burritos, a big bowl full of washed fruit or celery sticks and Laughing Cow cheese.

(There are other great quick breakfast ideas like perfect smoothies which are not only quick and easy but my girls love them as breakfast, snack or dessert!!)

 2.  Being Active…  To me being active can mean going to the gym (yawn) but it can mean so much more!  You do not need a lot of time, money or even a gym membership to be active, there are tons of perfectly great things you can do for free at home!  Squeeze in a workout at home: This can be as simple as a daily 5 Minute Ab Workout, walking the dog or going for a bike ride with the kids!

two green runners

3.  Getting Organized…   This is a big one for me…  and I know many of you are looking for ways to get organized too!  We all have different areas of our lives that might need a bit of tuning up.

  • Step by step… don’t try to do it all at once!  Things don’t get unorganized in one day and you certainly can’t expect them to be organized in one day!  Here’s a simple and easy way to get started! (Hint:  Mine was magazines!)
  • Declutter…  It’s hard to be organized when you have a closet full of items you don’t use need or want!  Here’s a perfect tip to start conquering clutter!
  • Conquer clutter as it comes in…  that includes junk mail, newsletters you don’t need, outdated invitations and last week’s newspaper!

*according to

This is also a great time to try the 52 Week Money Challenge and see how much you can save!


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