How to Store & Sharpen Knives

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 How to Keep your knives sharp

How to Store & Sharpen Knives  

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Tips to Store & Sharpen Knives  

Dull knives are a pain to cook with and dangerous.  You are much more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than sharp one so, it is important to keep them sharp.  In order to do so, there are some things to avoid as well as some things to try.  Read on for some great tips!

Read the manual:  Your knives will usually come with a guide for proper care.  Have a look at it to double check for any special care instructions.

Store Your Kitchen Knives the RIGHT WAY:  Proper knife storage is so integral to maintaining the sharpness of your knives. For example, if knives are stored in drawers with no protection they will more than likely rub against other utensils, causing damage the blade and resulting in a dull knife.

The CORRECT ways to store knives:

  • A magnetic knife strip attached to the wall.
  • A bag or knife roll
  • A wooden block (I store my knives in the wooden block what might be considered upside down.  This eliminates the sharp blade rubbing on the wood each time the knife is put away)
  • The block that the knives came with


Use the Proper Cutting Board:  Your cutting board can also damage your knives.  Using wood or thin, flexible plastic cutting boards are the best way to keep your knives like new.  Do no use glass, ceramic or other very hard surfaces for cutting.

Don’t Wash Knives in the Dishwasher:  Washing them in the dishwasher has a similar effect as storing them loosely in a drawer.  They rub against things and are put through quite a beating in the dishwasher. Wash them by hand for the longest life.

Use Your Knives Appropriately:  DO NOT use kitchen knives for things that they aren’t designed for!

Things they are not supposed to be used for include:

  • opening cans
  • opening packages
  • cutting paper (with kitchen shears, for example)

 Sharpening:  If you are an avid cook, a sharp knife is imperative!  Not only will it save you from being injured but it will save a ton of time.  Even with the tips above, all knives will eventually dull including high quality knives!    It’s a great idea to either sharpen knifes at home or if you prefer, to have your knives professionally sharpened about once every year or so.  (The frequency will vary based on knife quality and use).

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