The BEST Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers are one of our favorite parts of Christmas morning! In our family, we wrap each little stocking stuffer gift in our stockings which makes it super fun to open!

I have found that when I am looking for stocking stuffer ideas, I always have trouble finding affordable items that everyone will love. I get so wrapped up in deciding on everyone’s gifts, that I end up sidelining the stocking stuffers and remembering that I need to pick everything up last minute. I’ve recently taken my shopping to Amazon, most of it has free shipping. Stocking stuffer shopping online helps me avoid stores and malls during Christmas and makes sure I am easily prepped for filling the stockings with goodies! 

We’ve tried to compile the most complete list of stocking stuffers around!  Everything you see here is affordable, and will be sure to leave a smile on your families’ faces on Christmas morning! Whether I am buying stocking stuffers for men, kids or friends, stockings can get a little expensive. So, I usually try to keep my stocking stuffers under $5.

hanging stocking

Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Our family still does stockings and that includes everyone!  It can be tough to come up with ideas for stocking stuffers for adults but there is literally something for everyone on this list!

This list has everything from cheap stocking stuffers for adults to funny and useful ideas!

Stocking Stuffers For Her

Whether “her” is a wife, mother, aunt, or sister, we’ve got tons of stocking stuffers for women that are sure to make her excited when she opens them up! Favorites include: coffee gift cards, toiletries (peek in her cabinet to see what brands she likes), kitchen gadgets, costume jewellery and magazines or books.

Stocking Stuffers for Men

Stocking stuffers for men always leave me stumped! According to my husband, favorite stocking stuffers for men include toiletries, car wash gift cards, tools, coffee cards or fast food gift cards and workout accessories (such as socks or earbuds).

Stocking Stuffers for Kids 

After spending so much time worrying about Christmas gifts, shopping for stocking stuffers for kids can be tough. This list takes that work and makes it super easy! Your kids will love these awesome gifts, and you’ll be happy knowing you didn’t have to break the bank to give them great stocking stuffers this Christmas. Don’t forget to check out your dollar store or even the aisle ends at the grocery store, they often have fun unique items.

Leave your own great tips in the comments below!

This big list of stocking stuffer ideas has something for everyone, to take the guesswork out of what to give to those around you this holiday season! I’ve tried to include unique items since I’m always trying to find things that nobody would think of instead of the same old thing.  This huge list started with ideas shared by many … and you guys gave me a HUGE list on Facebook!  I decided to put all of your ideas in one place so we could ALL reference them easily. Every year this list is updated and checked so if you see something I’ve  missed or a link not working, please let us know!

If you’re ready to fill those stockings up… let’s get to it!  I have included links to many items on Amazon (most with free shipping with Amazon Prime) but be sure to check your local grocery store, dollar store and hardware store too, they always have great stocking stuffer ideas too!


  1. Candy Canes (of course!)
  2. Oranges/Apples/Nuts
  3. Vintage Candy (you can buy them in decades as well which is fun!)
  4. Mints
  5. Candy Bars or favorite candy
  6. K-Cup Variety Packs (Reader Favorite)
  7. Beef Jerky
  8. Loose Tea (with a cute tea infuser)
  9. Disposable Tea Filters for on the go
  10. Flavored honey or syrup
  11. Small (airplane size) bottles of liquor
  12. Small packets of coffee
  13. Chewing Gum
  14. Boxes of Chocolate
  15. Pez Dispensers & Pez Candy Refills
  16. Bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream to spike the morning coffee
  17. Gourmet Cocoa or Hot Cocoa Packets
  18. Life Savers Hard Candy Sweet Storybook
  19. Handmade Flavored marshmallows
  20. Gourmet Seasonings
  21. Ribbon Candy
  22. Popcorn Seasoning (Reader Favorite)
  23. Unique cooking spice blends
  24. Flavored cooking oils  (you can check your grocery store for this too!)
  25. Unique hot sauces
  26. Gourmet Dip mixes


  1. Toothbrushes
  2. Aromatherapy oils
  3. Face Mask Packets
  4. Body scrub
  5. Soap on a Rope (Am I dating myself here?  This used to be “THE” gift to give.  LOL)
  6. Hair Accessories
  7. Perfume/Cologne
  8. Make up items
  9. Lip Gloss/Lip Balm
  10. Chapstick
  11. Nail polish, nail art items, files and nail stickers (Reader Favorite)
  12. Body lotion/body wash/shave cream
  13. Hand Sanitizer
  14. Nail polish, nail art items, files and nail stickers
  15. Travel sized toiletries
  16. Funny Printed Band-Aids
  17. Teeth Whitening Kit
  18. Small purse Advil, antacids etc.
  19. Hair chalk
  20. Hair gel/hair spray
  21. Aftershave
  22. Body Spray


  1. Kitchen utensils
  2. Milk Frother (Personal favorite)
  3. Milk Frother
  4. Cookie Cutters
  5. Funny Mugs
  6. Cookies (homemade or store bought)
  7. Wine Glasses
  8. Cocktail recipe book
  9. Pretty cloth napkins/napkin rings
  10. Shot glasses
  11. Small recipe book
  12. Wine bottle openers
  13. Wine stoppers
  14. Unique cooking spice blends
  15. Flavored cooking oils
  16. Herb Stripper (I love mine)
  17. Citrus Squeezer
  18. Wine Glass Markers
  19. Pineapple Slicer/Corer (Reader Favorite)
  20. Personalized mug or travel mug
  21. Cute measuring cups
  22. Kitchen Timer
  23. Grocery list pad
  24. Fridge magnets


  1. Adhesive Fake Mustaches
  2. Little Flashlights
  3. Chore Charts
  4. Finger laser lights
  5. Mini Lego Sets
  6. DIY Bracelet Kits
  7. Yo-Yo
  8. Bubbles
  9. Playdoh (store bought or homemade)
  10. Small trick puzzles
  11. Finger Puppets
  12. Kid sized ear buds
  13. Matchbox Cars (Hot Wheels)
  14. Bubble bath
  15. Nerf footballs
  16. Glow in the dark star stickers
  17. Bouncy balls
  18. Small craft kits
  19. Trading cards (sports, Pokemon etc)
  20. Action Figures
  21. Small stuffed animals
  22. Sports paraphernalia (knee pads, baseball etc)
  23. Pens and small note pads
  24. Coloring Books
  25. Night-light
  26. Storybooks
  27. Bath Toys
  28. Stickers
  29. Craft Supplies/glue
  30. Small Bible
  31. Rainbow Loom or Refills
  32. Barbie doll or Barbie outfits or
  33. Barbie Shoes (too cute!)
  34. Magazine (or a Subscription)
  35. Toy Trains
  36. Puzzle book or Invisible Ink Book
  37. Crayons/markers
  38. Joke book
  39. Card games (like Uno)
  40. DVDs
  41. Refills for kits they have (Lite Brite)
  42. Slinky
  43. Shoe laces (extra for adults, fun colored ones for kids)
  44. Mad Libs books
  45. Doll clothes/accessories
  46. Silly Putty
  47. Harmonica


  1. Gift cards for restaurants
  2. Game rental gift cards
  3. Gas gift cards
  4. Movie tickets
  5. Car Wash Gift Certificates or Tokens (as much as my husband swears this is awesome, please don’t put this in my stocking!)
  6. Homemade coupons
  7. Amazon gift cards
  8. Fast Food Gift Certificates
  9. Starbucks/Coffee gift card
  10. Event tickets (can be inexpensive such as local play at a school)
  11. Scratch tickets
  12. Lottery tickets
  13. Visa prepaid cards
  14. Rolls of Coins (eg. laundry money or vending machine money)
  15. Netflix certificates


  1. Mini Flashlight
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Desktop Calendars
  4. Small Hand Tools
  5. Hair Accessories
  6. Glasses cases
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Pocket Books
  9. Magazines
  10. Batteries in various sizes
  11. Movie tickets
  12. Socks
  13. Mini Nerf Gun
  14. Book Light
  15. Belt
  16. Reading glasses
  17. Photo frames
  18. Shoe Polish
  19. Address Book
  20. Gloves
  21. Flash drives
  22. Watches
  23. Jewelry items
  24. Sewing kit
  25. Hand Sanitizer
  26. Pretty scented candles
  27. Small candleholders
  28. Slippers
  29. Earmuffs/hat
  30. Phone case/tablet case
  31. Playing Cards
  32. Keychains
  33. Sports paraphernalia
  34. Christmas Tree Ornaments
  35. Pens and small note pads
  36. Envelopes & postage stamps
  37. Monogrammed hand towel
  38. Sharpies
  39. Small Bible
  40. Travel sized toiletries
  41. Wineglasses
  42. Ring holder
  43. Wallet
  44. Headphones/ Earbuds
  45. Pocketknife
  46. Phone charger and/or USB cords
  47. Mouse Pad
  48. Pet treats/toys for the pet lover
  49. Bookmark
  50. Crossword puzzle book/crossword dictionary
  51. Shot Glass
  52. Duct tape
  53. Car air fresheners
  54. Bottle Opener  ($1.35 with FREE shipping!)
  55. Scarves
  56. Cuff links
  57. Tie Pin
  58. Diary
  59. journal
  60. Personalized ornaments
  61. Golf balls, tees
  62. Calendar
  63. Small purse sized Advil, antacids etc.
  64. Seed packets (flowers or herbs)
  65. Drink flask
  66. Fun office supplies/colored paper clips
  67. Fridge magnets
  68. Stationary set (writing paper/envelopes)
  69. Travel alarm clock
  70. Luggage tags
  71. Travel games
  72. Engraver So you can personalize items!
  73. Cigars
  74. Flavored Syrups for Coffee (and more!)
  75. Barbecue Tools and/or Lighter

More fun ideas on our Non-Candy Easter Basket fillers list.

If you have any other stocking stuffer ideas to share, please leave a comment below and I will add it to our growing list!

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  1. I like to give my kids a roll of the magic scotch tape. they love being able to use it however they want. They also look forward to a roll of bubble tape gum and lindt chocolate balls in their stockings. You listed most of my other ones, like fun band-aids and fun bookmarks. We love the bookmarks from Peter pauper press. They do magnetic ones called i-clips and paper ones with tassels. I didn’t see bath bombs on there, but I could have missed it. You can also get other creative bath stuff like crayons for the bathtub. Oh we also get them one of those individual boxes of fun cereal.

  2. Small box of that very sugary cereal that your kids always want, but never get!! The easter bunny sometimes leaves boxes of that stuff too! Talk about smiles on their faces! Thanks for some great ideas.5 stars

  3. I found it beneficial that you listed all of your food ideas before the other lists in your article, as that it the type of stocking stuffer I prefer, such as the child’s favorite candy or boxes of chocolate. I’m interested in making this Christmas more interesting, so I am considering unorthodox stocking stuffers, like crackers.

  4. Slim Jims, Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies, Holiday versions of favorite foods, cheeses, pistachios (family fav), car fresheners, lots of little boxes with clues for treasure hunting.

  5. I have adults kids so it’s all about alcohol! I buy them different little bottles, shot glasses and flasks. Even alcohol in chocolates. I try and be creative on the flasks. Last years the girls got tampons that were flasks. And we gave them solar power chargers for their phones.