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Fun and Cheap Non-Candy Easter Basket Items

Easter is a great holiday. Kids love to hunt for eggs and get baskets full of candy. You can sing songs of the Easter Bunny together, and decorate boiled eggs with paints and crayons and put a breakfast strata or Easter breakfast bake in the oven! Make the holiday even more fun with some great, non-candy toys you can add to their baskets, without breaking the bank.

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1. Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is a great way to have fun with your kids. Watch them make up games and have a blast tearing around the yard after their bubbles.

2. Coloring Books: Easter bunny and religious coloring books are a great way to teach your children about the holidays, and they’ll have fun doing it too.

3. Fuzzy Bunny Ears and Tails: Dressing up like a bunny for Easter is great for boys and girls of all ages. Easter Bunny ears, noses and tails can be found at most drug and dollar stores.

4. Plastic Eggs with Coins Inside: Grab a few plastic eggs and put a couple of coins in each (if it is age appropriate of course). Add a little piggy or bunny bank.

5. Non-Candy Snacks: Plastic eggs are also great for non-candy snack, like Goldfish crackers and fruit snacks. The kids will love the variety!

6. Pencil Pouches: Get them awesome, Easter-themed pencil pouches, pencils, or erasers they can show off at school.

7. Toy Cars: Who doesn’t like toy cars? Grab a three pack and watch them zoom around the carpet!

8. Books: Giving a child a love a reading is one of the best gifts you can give them! Keep their brains active and imaginations soaring with a little picture book about a bunny, Easter, or even just another book from their favorite series!

9. Slinkies: Your kids will have fond childhood memories of watching a Slinky slink down the stairs.

10. Toy Footballs, Soccer Balls, Hackey Sacks, or Baseballs: Get your kids to be active outdoors with a gift of sport equipment. They can throw, kick, or bounce a ball around all day.

11. Marbles or Jacks: These are classic games for a reason! Teaching your kids to play marbles or jacks will be a lot of fun for both of you.

12. Bows and Ribbons: If you have a girly girl who likes to dress up in princess outfits, a few regal hair ornaments will make this the best Easter ever.

13. Sidewalk Chalk:  Easter usually means spring is just around the corner!  Sidewalk Chalk is a fun addition to any Easter Basket!

14. Fun Plastic Glasses: Grab some silly, shaped plastic sunglasses for the kids!

15. Crayons and Markers and Chalk: Expand your child’s creativity with some art supplies in their baskets this Easter.

16. Stuffed Animals: Add a fuzzy, friendly critter to their baskets and watch your child make a new friend.

17. Finger Puppets: They can put on a puppet show with all of their new finger puppets. You can even help them construct a little stage for their puppets and put on a play.

18. Play-doh and Silly Putty: A jar of Silly Putty and some newspaper will keep them entertained all day!

19. Egg Decorating Kits: Decorate your eggs with paints, crayons, dyes, and even googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Pick out some supplies at your local craft store and put them together for a great, Easter egg decorating contest!

And a few more to add to the list:

        1. Slime or Playdough
        2. Little Flashlights
        3. Chore Charts
        4. Finger laser lights
        5. Mini Lego Sets
        6. DIY Bracelet Kits
        7. Yo-Yo
        8. Small trick puzzles
        9. Kid sized ear buds
        10. Bubble bath
        11. Nerf footballs
        12. Glow in the dark star stickers
        13. Bouncy balls
        14. Small craft kits
        15. Trading cards (sports, Pokemon etc)
        16. Action Figures
        17. Little Pet shops/Hatchimals
        18. Pens and small note pads
        19. Night-light
        20. Bath toys
        21. Small Bible
        22. Loombands and/or refills
        23. Barbie doll or Barbie outfits or Barbie Shoes (too cute!)
        24. Magazine (or a Subscription)
        25. Toy Trains
        26. Card games (like Uno)
        27. Refills for kits they have (Lite Brite etc.)
        28. Slinky
        29. Shoe laces (fun colored ones for kids)
        30. Mad Libs books
        31. Hair chalk
        32. Doll clothes/accessories
        33. Gift Cards
        34. Harmonica
        35. Chapstick (or lip balm)
        36. Gift card for ice cream

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