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How to Clean Your Hairbrush

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Have you looked at your hairbrush lately? Really look at it. It’s kind of gross, isn’t it? With all of your hairs all caught up in a the bristles, and, eww, what is that gray stuff on it? Hair product, skin cells, and hair will build up on your brush, along with a troop of germs. Get your brush cleaned and ready with these easy tips!

First, get the hair out! It’s super simple; grab a pen or pencil, a part of scissors, and your brush. Slide the pen tip-first under the hair, and pull up. Once the hair is far enough away from your bristles, you should be able to cut most of it off.  If you have a comb, you can take that and run it along the brush to get the spare hairs out.

Second, shampoo it! Get your brush super clean with shampoo or vinegar! Either soak your comb or brush in vinegar or scrub them with shampoo. Either will clean your brushes without damaging them, or adding harsh chemicals to your brush, and your hair! You can use a toothbrush on the comb or brush to scrub a little deeper.

Third, rinse away! Rinse with warm warm and your brush will be spotless and ready for a good, clean brushing! Repeat this process once a week to once a month to make sure there’s no icky build up. A clean brush will result in cleaner hair!

3 pin hairbrushes






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