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10 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

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 Whether you having a party, or the kids just want to help you decorate for Halloween, there are lots of crafts great for the little ones! After the pumpkin carving and costume making is done, try some of these ghoulish crafts to keep them busy.

Do you have any Halloween favorites you’d like to share?  We would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

1. The Ghostly Lollipop: Take a four to five inch square of white tissue paper, white cloth, or an actual tissue and wrap it around the top of a lollipop. Tie a colorful, Halloween ribbon around the base of the lollipop, where the stick meets the candy. Then have the kids glue on goggly eyes or draw ghostly faces. Instant ghosts!

2. Bones and Pasta (pictured above): Get some black paper and a selection of different noodles, and make macaroni skeletons! Great for a party or a classroom, these adorable skeletons make great decorations!  For younger kids, you can print out an outline to follow…  let the older kids get creative on their own!  My 10 year old made the one above!  Free Skeleton Template!

3. Voodoo Cuties: Get pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks together to make creepy Voodoo dolls!

4. Halloween Bags: Get white paper bags and decorate them as ghosts, green ones for witches, or orange ones to decorate like jack’o’lanterns! Construction paper, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, sharpies and a little imagination are all you need for these!

5. Haunted Candy: Make a sheet cake and decorate like a graveyard! Twisted black licorice makes great dead trees, Nutterbutter cookies for gravestones, and crumbled up graham crackers for dirt. What other creepy ideas can you come up with for your graveyard?

6. Pumpkin Mache: Make a round pumpkin out of paper mache to use as a pinata at a party! Easy and fun for the kids!

7. Pumpkin Decorating:  The sky is the limit with this one!

8. Cookie or cupcakes: Make some sugar cookies (tons of awesome Halloween cookie cutters) or cupcakes and ice them. Then let the kids go wild, making ghouls, ghosts, and witches out of icing, or decorate with black and orange m&ms. They can also make mini-graveyards, pumpkins and jack’o’lanterns, zombies or whatever eerie creature tickles their fancy!

9.  Spider Pops:  Adorable Spider Pops are super simple to make with lollipops, pipe cleaners & google eyes!   These are fun for excited kiddos to prepare for trick or treaters or classmates!

10.  Handprint Spiders with Lace Webs:  Head on over to Mom Endeavors for this adorable craft idea!  Just a few simple supplies and your kiddos will be using hand prints as spiders and lacing them up with yarn!  Your kids will be having a total blast (and this is great for hand-eye coordination too)!  This one is super adorable!

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