Fun Family Valentine’s Day Ideas & Activities

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Fun Family Valentine’s Day Ideas & Activities

Valentine’s Day is upon us!  The kids are dying to celebrate and you want to do something fun and memorable.  However, you are likely a modern mom with a slew of responsibilities and priorities.  Looking for simple, fun family activities for Hearts Day?  Read on!

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Kids love to cook and nothing makes them happier than baking up some sweets for friends and family!  Either bake or buy some cheap heart-shaped cookie cutters at the dollar store and find some pink frosting and sprinkles and candy.

Let the kids help bake and then let them go crazy decorating!  They will have a blast and the whole activity will probably cost about $5 if that!

Make Valentines Cards & Crafts

Stock up on pink, red and white craft supplies and let them make their own valentines for loved ones and their school friends.  Try finding some classic supplies like doilies and lace for some “throwback” cards that will really stand out from the store-bought cards.
A few of my favorite crafts:

Red and Pink Dinner

Make Valentine’s dinner that is all red and pink!  Use food coloring to color pasta, bread or eggs.  Sprinkle foods with paprika or other red spices.  Cut their garlic toast or salad into a heart. Use your imagination and make it special!

Love Lists

You can all sit and make lists of reasons why you love one another.  You can also encourage them to make lists for grandparents or other extended-family.  Be sure to make one for each of your children and don’t forget the HUBBY!

Movie Night with Pink Popcorn

Cozy up on the couch with bowls of pink snacks, pink popcorn, and a classic Valentine’s Day movie.

Create your own Valentine’s Games

These activities cost almost nothing and will make Valentine’s Day special for your kids and family.  Often times, we are overly concerned with buying things or too busy to do the “little things” but your family will remember a special dinner of only red and pink items for much longer than they will recall that you bought them cards with their favorite cartoon character emblazoned across the front.  The things that matter are the time you take and the love you show.  Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about, anyway?

Do you have your own family Valentine’s day traditions?  We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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