CrockPot Beef Stew

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CrockPot Beef Stew is one of my all-time favorite slow cooker meals. It’s filling and delicious with tender chunks of beef, carrots, potatoes and peas (or green beans). When it comes to satisfying comfort food, slow cooker Beef Stew is the ultimate!

To complete the meal, all you really need to do is add in a side of easy buttermilk biscuits or corn bread muffins slathered with butter. Or, serve it with a substantial homemade bread for dipping in the gravy. Everyone will be in heaven!

Crock Pot Beef stew served in a bowl

Ingredients for Slow Cooker Stew

Ingredients for this beef stew CrockPot recipe are beef chuck or stew beef, root vegetables like potatoes, carrots and fresh and peas or beans.

The best meat to make beef stew is chuck steak! You’ll have to cut it into cubes yourself. Chuck is a tough, but full-flavored meat that comes from the shoulders and front end of the animal. It is perfect for Crock Pot Beef Stew or pot roast (a similar texture to pork shoulder which is used to make Crock Pot Pulled Pork). It retains its rich, beefy flavor and becomes succulent and fork-tender under the low and slow heat of a crock pot.

Flavorful Slow Cooker Beef Stew: What really makes a stew a stew is the savory herbs, thickened beef broth and seasonings. To give the dish even more complexity, consider making CrockPot beef stew with red wine. Substitute a cup of a hearty dry wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot for a cup of the beef broth and use it to deglaze the pan you used for browning the meat. You could add in some button mushrooms too.

Ingredients for Crock Pot Beef stew ready to be cooked in the slow cooker

How to Make Beef Stew in Crock Pot

While we love to make a classic stove top beef stew, this easy slow cooker recipe can be left cooking while you go about your day! Crock Pot beef stew comes together in just a few simple steps and the beef gets so tender.

  1. Toss the beef in the flour-garlic powder mixture to coat, and brown in olive oil in batches. Don’t crowd the pan. (You can skip this step but the browning adds great flavor to the stew).
  2. Sauté the onion in the same pan (use a of broth or red wine to help deglaze and add any brown bits to your crock pot).
  3. Add everything to the slow cooker (I use a 6qt crock pot) and cook until the beef is tender. Stir in peas before serving.

How Long to Cook Beef Stew in Crock Pot: Crock Pot beef stew is a set-it-and-forget-it kind of meal. Cook it on high for 4-5 hours, or on low for 8-9 until the meat is tender. You can leave it on warm for an additional hour or so if needed.

To Thicken Beef Stew in the Crock Pot: I use a cornstarch slurry (equal parts cornstarch and water) and add it in at the end. Allow it to cook about 10 minutes after adding the slurry to get rid of any starchy flavor.

Crock Pot Beef stew being ladeled out of a slow cooker

We serve beef stew with some crusty bread or homemade dinner rolls for the perfect meal!

Leftover CrockPot Beef Stew

Leftovers will keep about 3-4 days in the fridge.

Can you Freeze Beef Stew: You’ll also be happy to know CrockPot Beef Stew freezes really well, so make plenty for those quick-fix meal nights. Leave about an inch of headspace for expansion in plastic containers, and your stew will keep for four months in the freezer.

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Crock Pot Beef stew served in a bowl with a wood plate and a spoon
4.9 from 238 votes
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Crock Pot Beef Stew

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 20 minutes
Servings 6 servings
Author Holly Nilsson
CrockPot Beef Stew is one of my all-time favorite one-pot meals. It’s filling, delicious, the family always loves it, and it’s incredibly easy to prepare in advance. 


  • 2 pounds beef chuck or stewing beef
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 1 cup vegetable juice such as V8
  • 4 cups beef broth
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ teaspoon thyme or 2 sprigs fresh
  • 1 teaspoon dried rosemary or 1 sprig fresh
  • 3 cups potatoes peeled and cubed
  • 2 cups carrots cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 1 cup celery stalks cut into 1 inch pieces
  • ¾ cup peas
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons water

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  • Combine flour, garlic powder and salt & pepper to taste. Toss beef in flour mixture.
  • Brown the beef and onions in olive oil small batches. Add some of the broth to the pan and scrape up any brown bits.
  • Add all ingredients except peas and cornstarch to a 6QT slow cooker.
  • Cook on high 4-5 hours or on low 8-9 hours or until beef is tender.
  • Mix cornstarch with 2 tablespoons water. Stir into the stew a little bit at a time to thicken (you may not need all of the mixture). Add peas.
  • Cover and cook 10 minutes. Season with salt & pepper.

Nutrition Information

Calories: 480, Carbohydrates: 29g, Protein: 36g, Fat: 24g, Saturated Fat: 8g, Cholesterol: 104mg, Sodium: 503mg, Potassium: 1622mg, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 5g, Vitamin A: 7545IU, Vitamin C: 31.4mg, Calcium: 94mg, Iron: 7.6mg

(Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.)

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Cuisine American
Crock Pot Beef stew being scooped with a ladle shown with a title
Crock Pot Beef stew served in a bowl and raw ingredients in a slow cooker shown with a title
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  1. I don’t know why this recipe only has three stars. I love it! I use ground thyme and rosemary. Garlic powder. I substitute one can of tomato sauce, the smallest one available. Plain. I throw in a little A1 instead of Worcestershire. This is delicious! The first time I tried it I cooked it on high for 4 hours and then lowered it to low for the following 4 hours and it was delish. This time I’m trying it on low for 8 or 9 hours.5 stars

  2. This stew would be delicious, except for the thyme. I put it in my mouth and all I could breathe in was this awful powdery flavor. Omit the thyme! I had to dump the entire pot out because I knew no one in my family would eat it.2 stars

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy this recipe Polly. It has been quite a hit with readers and my family. Did you use only ½ teaspoon of thyme? That should not produce a powdery flavor, nor overwhelm the flavor of the stew. The great thing about a recipe like this is that you can adjust to your tastes and omit the thyme. Rather than toss the food, I’d suggest that you could make another batch that may help balance it out.

  3. I received very positive feedback on my stew! I loved preparing it- all of the freshness was fabulous and healthy. The calorie count is quite reasonable and I had plenty to share and freeze.
    I recommend this recipe.5 stars

  4. I love this recipe. My stew turned out so nice and hearty. The flavors are really good. It’s true, browning the meat, red wine, and lots of herbs really does the trick with the deep flavor. And the cornstarch to thicken it! Five star meal. Thank you very much!!5 stars

  5. I followed this recipe exactly and did not have any flavor even after seasoning. I wasn’t able to get it to thicken and also some of my carrots were not cooked. Unfortunately I won’t try this again.3 stars

    1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it Marybeth. This recipe has been a great hit with readers (4.92 rating from 212 votes). I can’t say why it didn’t work out for you. Thak you for trying it.

  6. My husband can’t eat onions due GERD. Any idea how this will be when omitting onions? (He is OK w/garlic.)

    1. It’ll change the taste Jane, but it’ll still be delicious! Adding some fresh garlic if he can have it is a great idea!

  7. I have this in my crockpot now. Smells delicious. Can’t wait to try this. I could never get a hearty gravy on mine but I think this is it!!

  8. Just started this but the initial setup is what use to do. Wonderful reminder. Thanks. For a simple ingredient recipe5 stars

  9. This is a very good recipe that does not need any tweeks. Anything you do to it will not be making it better, it will just make it more suited to your taste. Yes, I eliminated the vegetable juice, and I’m not a fan of thyme, so I put in very little, but whatever you do, if you follow bulk of the recipe, you’ll have a hearty, cold-weather beef stew that is absolutely delicious! My family loves this recipe.5 stars

  10. Absolutely Fabulous! I’ve been making stew all our married life (37 yrs), and even though your ingredients are almost exactly the same as I would use, something just made it pop! Hubby could not quit the compliments! Followed your recipe to a T, except deglazed pan with a splash of red wine, and added a couple shakes of Worcester.5 stars

  11. Raw potatoes. Followed instructions , cooked it on high for 4 hours and the potatoes are still raw . What went wrong ? I’ve made this before but cooked it on 9 hours and it was perfect.

    1. Sorry to hear that Ktaylor! They definitely shouldn’t be raw after 4 hrs on high. It is possible that you cubed them much larger than we did when making it.

  12. We don’t like peas can I sub in corn instead and when would I put the corn in. What other veggies could we put in also

    1. You can replace them with green beans (which should be added earlier). You could also try mushrooms or other root vegetables which can be added with the potatoes. If the corn is frozen or canned it just needs to be heated through so it can be added in the last 5-10 minutes.

  13. THIS THING IS MOONEY!!!! Make it once a week now for my family they call it dad’s famous beef stew. I add one diced jalapeno to it to bring the heat, and keep the seeds to make sure everyone is lit up!!! LETS GOOO!!!!!!

  14. I made this! I followed the recipe, pretty much. I thought it was great! I added a few drops of wine while browning the beef, just so the flavor was imbedded in the beef. Deglazing the pan with a little red wine made the whole house smell wonderful! Great recipe! Thanks. To take it up a notch if you wish, some “Slap your Momma”, or cajon seasoning, adds an interesting twist. Found this by adding some to my bowl! I loved it both ways.

  15. I made your beef stew today and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Pretty sure I could have licked the crock pot clean. The meat fell apart and everything was divine. I did salt and pepper more throughout the cooking process to season it to my liking but other than that, a wonderful recipe I will add to a regular rotation. Thank you!5 stars

  16. This recipe turned out fantastic! I did it exactly by the instructions I think next time I will add baby carrots instead of regular carrots. And remember to cut the beef along with the grain and not against the grain!5 stars