Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups

Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups!  Easy to make, even easier to eat... Apple pie filling wrapped in a crispy cinnamon sugar shell!

Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups are easy to make... and will easily become a household favorite! from #dessert #apple #applepie

Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups

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Yummy warm crispy bundles of apple pie! <3

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Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups are super simple to put together and taste amazing, seriously!  Nothing this easy should be allowed to taste this good!  I love that these are oven baked and not fried!

While I used apple pie filling, you can fill them with whatever you’d like including cream cheese & sugar or cherry pie filling.  If you’re in a hurry you can certainly use canned apple pie filling but if you’ve got a few minutes you can quickly make your own! I’ve added my own homemade apple pie filling recipe to the site!  This easy recipe is made on the stove top and makes the equivalent of one store bought can of pie filling!

Homemade apple pie filling recipe 

My daughter and I had a blast putting these together… and she loves to help me style my photos.  While I rarely include these, I thought it would be fun for you to have a little behind the scenes peek at her helping me set up in the photo studio!  She was changing the angles of the plate and helping choose backgrounds.   Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups!  These are quick and delicious little bundles of apple pie baked warm and crispy in your oven!| Spend With Pennies

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Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups


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  • 10 slices white bread
  • 1 can apple pie filling
  • ⅓ cup melted butter
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cut the crusts off your bread and roll each slice flat with a rolling pin. Combine cinnamon and sugar on a small plate.
  3. Pour the apple pie filling onto a plate and chop it so the pieces are smaller. Put about 2 tablespoons apple pie filling on each slice of bread and roll up.
  4. Dip each piece into melted butter (I poured a tiny bit of butter into a "butter dish" and just rolled in there) and then roll in the cinnamon sugar.
  5. Place seam side down on a parchment lined pan and bake 15 minutes or until browned and crispy. Serve warm.

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Amazing Apple Pie Tacos!  Crispy cinnamon sugar shells filled with warm apple pie filling and drizzled with caramel!

Adapted from Fashionably Foodie

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  1. francie workman says

    Couldn’t you do the same thing with thin small flour tortillas? We don’t buy white bread and I think the tortillas would be just as easy and get the same effect.

    • Marty says

      I made this with flour tortillas and they were wonderful…..I put them in a glass baking dish and aked them together and about 15 minutes before they were done I made a carmel sauce and poured over them and finish baking….they were gone before anyone could get seconds….please try them they are to die for

      • jacki says

        I’ve made a simple Carmel recipe and it’s good! Take a can of sweet condensed milk eagle brand put the can unopened in a small crockpot cover with water on low for 6 to 8 hours!! That’s the best way to make Carmel no mess!!

        • Mary says

          Caramel out of sweetened condensed milk? Never heard of it. I don’t understand how it could taste like carmel. In light me!lol!

          • Sue Boudreaux says

            eagle brand or generic sweetened condensed milk are high in sugar… boiling the can causes the sugars in it to caramelize…

          • jj says

            Actually it doesn’t really taste like caramel sauce. IMHO it tastes a bit odd. I did the boil in the can thing and didn’t like it at all. A bit chalky tasting. Maybe it would do in a pinch if one was too lazy to make a proper caramel sauce, but then there is no accounting for taste, especially other people’s.

          • chacha says

            YES it does carmelize beautifully and I have done it many times. Just like DULCE DE LECHE. I HAVE BOUGHT THE DDL AND SAME AS BOILING IT. ITS AWESOMEEEEEEEE

          • Michelle says

            I have also been doing this for years and it is the best caramel you will ever eat….hands down. You do need to be careful and totally wait until the can cools before opening it. If you think about it, condensed milk is milk and sugar….perfect combo for caramel. Enjoy.

          • Donna says

            I made caramel out of the condensed milk by placing the can in a pan covered with water and kept it boiling for 4 hours and it was the best caramel I have ever tasted! I think I will try it with the crock pot since that sounds a lot easier. Try it and then enjoy your luscious, creamy fantastic caramel.

          • Betty says

            Before one could buy tins of caramel (I’m talking the 1950’s), our moms used to boil a can of condensed milk for 4 hours. I thought it was magic that one could open a can and have this lovely stuff ready to eat; put in a pie shell with slices of banana and whipped cream, it was a lovely treat.

          • Michelle Adams says

            First it’s enlighten me 😉 lol , second, the sugars & milk cook down making a velvety caramel sauce. Not so much like caramel u would put on an apple on a stick, more like something u would pour over ice cream or use as a cake filling. Is very good! Don’t even have to open the can until it’s cooked! 😉 Easy caramel sauce. Condensed milk is a wonderful thing!

          • Carol Mc says

            You can pretty much use any kind of sweetend condensed milk. Just make sure you take the labels off and cover the can with completely with water. You can also put a dish cloth in the bottom of the crock and set the cans on top so that the metal doesnt leave a ring on the bottom of the crock. tastes a lot like the ice cream caramel topping that you can buy at the store.

        • Paula Knight-Johnson says

          This really does work. But 30 yrs ago, I would put unopened can in pressure cooker. Water covering 1/2 of can, pressure at 10 lbs. for 1 hour. Cool then open can like cranberry sauce. Then slice into rings. Use for dessert. Or can spoon out. It is the yummiest caramel ever. Because of the zip top opening, I don’t believe I would use pressure cooker. I will use boiling in pan for 4 hrs.

        • tina simard says

          My husband makes this all the time. He just eats it right out of the can. Put it in the freezer after you cook it. Just make sure that there is always water in the pot to cover can, because it will explode.

    • Rose says

      I am sure you can try it with a tortilla. This is actually an old time recipe. I have it from my dear aunt who passed away 32 years ago. You can also use different fillings. The bread was used instead of having to make a dough.

    • says

      I make something similar using tortillas all the time! Super easy ~ I make my own apple pie filling, put a Tbsp. or so in middle of small tortilla, and fold up envelope-style. I put them on my stoneware baking sheet, spread the tops with some melted butter and sprinkle cinnamon-sugar on top. Bake at 350 for 20 min. or so. Delicious!

    • carol snyder says

      I used to buy a tortilla rolled around apple pie filling from Schwans home delivery. they were basically the same thing except deep fried.

    • Cathy says

      You can use tortillas… we in Texas do it all the time, roll them up in a pan like enchiladas and bake…. YUMMY!

    • Brigitte says

      I don’t buy bread, and only make wheat bread. Your idea of flour tortillas is a great one. I think I’ll try it with small flour tortillas.

  2. Alicia says

    I tried it with tortillas, but I didn’t care for them and neither did my husband. Would love to know if anyone else tries them. I love cinnamon anything usually!

  3. Bev says

    I wonder what it would taste like with wheat bread. We don’t eat a lot of bread but when we do, it is wheat. If anyone tries this, I would be curious to hear what you think.

    • Sunna says

      There doesn’t have to be a waste. Make crusts into bread crumbs for meatloaf, use for stuffing, or toss outside for the birds in the cold weather. Either way these are made are great. I’ve also used Peach, Apricot & Cherry pie filling bc I’m not the biggest apple pie fan. All are wonderful!!

  4. Mela says

    Made these just before supper. While we ate, I popped them in the oven. So when supper was cleared up these were just warm enough to slightly melt the french vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel syrup! Needless to say I was a HIT!!!! Even impressed the in-laws! SCORE!

    • says

      Now we’re talkin!.
      It would seem tortillas would be kind of chewy. We been getting some white bread from Costco that seems a bit under cooked to us, that I think would work perfectly for this recipe.

      The combo of butter, bread, brown sugar and cinnamon has got to be good. It would seem whipped cream woujld be good once they cool I’m thinking.

  5. Tom says

    The “cut up the Apple Pie filling” step is the only thing that keeps this from being simple enough for the kids to make, so I’m wondering what the same thing might be like using Pumpkin Pie filling (or even PB&J)?

  6. Caryn says

    Alicia – a little off topic, but like you I love most anything cinnamon. Have you tried the Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights? Habit forming and oh so good.

  7. Lanette says

    Alicia, try WonTon wrappers. My daughter has made these with them but she did deep fry them. Not sure how they will taste baked.

    • Peggy says

      I have frozen them , in fact I did a whole loaf and froze both cookie sheets full and took one out for a church brunch and cooked and they are great , will cook rest Christmas morning. !

      • linda says

        For those who make in advance and freeze for later, can you please clarify if you freeze before you bake them or after? And if after, how do you reheat? thanks!

      • Rhoda Malone says

        I know I’m coming in really late on this conversation but would love clarity on the freezing as well. I plan on making a good many of these because they are freezable so knowing what I’m doing, without having to waste any because I got it wrong would be really awesome. Thanks!

    • chacha says


    • says

      I think they’re delicious that way too! I have a recipe very similar (Apple Pie Egg Rolls) that is deep fried! Those were delicious too but some readers were looking for a baked version. I wasn’t satisfied with the way the egg roll wrappers baked up so I used the bread instead for the baked version.

  8. Wanda says

    Was just wondering if premade pie crust would work? Not a bread eater but have pie crust leftover from the holidays.

  9. Susie says

    why couldn’t you just use pie dough? although the crescent rolls would work too… I just can’t see the bread working that well

    • says

      It works beautifully and gets nice and crispy on the outside. I’m sure pie dough would work too. The bread holds it’s shape nicely and you would never know it’s bread. :)

    • Deanna Wolffe-Nicolan says

      cut about 6-10 apples into chunks sprinkle about a 1- 1& 1/2 cups of sugar and about 1 tblsp of cinnamon over apple chunks and stir untill each chunk is coated with sugar and cinnamon for a yummy homeade apple pie filling

  10. Deanna Wolffe-Nicolan says

    yummmmy cant wait to make these with my kids they love apple pie and these will be so easy to make.

  11. Michelle says

    Been doing this for years with ready made pie crusts like Pillsbury. The kind you buy in the box. I like it better than the bread slices. And, you can make them longer and fork the edges. Cherry, blueberry, and peach works just as well.

    • Denise Kellum says

      With the ready made pie crust, how long did you cook them? Also, what size did you cut the dough for each one?
      I want to make these with pie dough for Sunday School this coming week.

  12. sue says

    I would also know if anyone made them ahead of time without freezing them-can you refrigerate them for a day and bake them the next day or do they get too soggy?

  13. Sue says

    I wonder how this would be if you used refrigerated pie crust… cut in squares or circles…. and I would use a pastry brush for butter or better yet a butter flavored spray and sugar free pie filling… hmmmmmmmm

  14. Eddie C. Jordan says

    This is one of the fastest dessert. I have made it with white bread like the recipe calls for . And I have made with flour tortillas booth are great

    • says

      I personally do not. You would need a great puff pastry recipe. You can buy puff pastry at the store or you can do a google search for a good recipe.

  15. patti kelvas says

    *Excellent alternative filling: using cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and egg yolk. Blend well and spread thinly and roll up bread. *I cut the logs into 3 small pieces, THEN roll them in melted butter and powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. Can even FREEZE on a cookie sheet, then put them in a ziplock bag for when you are ready to bake them. Bake, then dip in sour cream..using toothpicks :) ps a SOFT wheat bread would work fine as well. **Tortillas dont absorb the butter..and for this, you want the bread…

    • Jan Gainer says

      My sister just gave this recipe called French Toast Roll-ups. (I.e; beat together until smooth–1 -8 ounce pkg. of cream cheese, I egg yolk, and 1/4 cup sugar. Cream those ingredients together.
      1 loaf of white sandwhich bread, crusts removed and rolled out with rolling pin. Spread cream cheese mixture on bread, roll up then brush on melted butter, and roll in cinnamon sugar mixture (3/4 cup sugar, 1TBS cinnamon). Place on cookie sheet and freeze. When frozen, you can put in zip lock bag and keep frozen for up to 2 months. Just before serving heat oven to 400 degrees and bake bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Delicious. I served them at church last Sunday and they were a hit.

  16. Robin says

    I just made these. I used blueberry pie filling, I also used a mixture of 8 oz. cream cheese, blended with 4 tbl. powdered sugar. I spread the cram cheese on the bread, then a heaping tsp. of pie filling. Yum!! I also used whole grain white bread. Will make often!
    I made 10, and have extra ingredients to make more another day, kind of messy to put together, but very tasty!

  17. paris says

    if u really want carmel get can sweeten condensed milk eagle brand or cheaper brand put it in pot and make sure the can is in water at all time and boil it for 3 hrs do not take lid off i make this for my turtles and other stuff really good and its cheaper than buying bags of carmel

  18. says

    Used up some stale bread AND was the benefactor of hero worship all day! Made both bread and tortillas since I had some that only had a couple days of life left. Filling was a can of diced apple and cranberry, substituted melted (slightly salted with powdered popcorn butter) butter flavored crisco due to my lack of actual butter…I was little leary of margarine watering it down and making them soggy. They were crisp and flaky. Drizzled with heated caramel using a piping bag. They were great, and it was a fabulous way to use older items…even threw the crusts out to the birds
    Thank you for another delicious, easy and inexpensive treat.

    • Luxypeanut says

      I have made them using various different makes of GLUTEN FREE bread…. Apart from they fell apart when preparing them (but that’s the nature of the bread!) and was a bit messy…..they tasted WONDERFUL!! My husband loves them. It’s great to find something that can be adapted.. And taste good too… THANKS Holly :)

  19. says

    Our daughter made these for us to have when we went to her house for coffee. They were delicious! I asked her to send me the site and I’m a fan now of Spend With Pennies. I will make these at home. They are so easy and they look great. She used the bread. I’ve had the ones in tortillas but I really prefer this recipe with the bread.

  20. lorinda says

    What did you use in place of the cinnamon sugar on the outside if using different fruit as in cherry, blueberry, peach, apricot.

  21. Yvonne says

    I make this at school with my second graders when we talk about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. I flatten the bread, smear with chopped cherry pie filling, and fold the bread in half. Then I butter one side (sprinkling with cinnamon sugar) and fry in an electric skillet. Then do the same on the other side. Each child gets to flatten and spread the filling, then butter and sprinkle one side before I fry them. We love them! Great cooking treat for kids!

  22. Shannon says

    Tks for this recipe, it’s low cost and kid making friendly and can be made in under 30 mins ! :)

  23. Meera says

    I’d Like to make my own filling as my family don’t like things too sweet, roughly how big is the can you use, and do you finish the whole thing? Can’t wait to try these!!

  24. aprila says

    oh my gosh I have to make these. Thanks for linking up at Tell Me About It Tuesday. We hope you hop over and share with us again next week.

  25. robert tomaino says

    try using pre made pizza dough.. just sprinkle sugar/cinn mix and spread over apple mix. roll up and cover with a little cookins spray and spitnkle the rest of the sugar/cinn mix over it

  26. aprila says

    Thanks for this great recipe. Your recipe is featured as a favorite by a host. Thanks for linking up to Tell Me About It Tuesday.

  27. says

    These sound wonderful! The recipe has gone into my recipe file. I am planning on sharing this on Celebrate and Decorate on Monday. Visitors will have to click over to your blog to get the recipe. I hope that helps a lot of folks discover your wonderful blog.

  28. Kerry says

    So could you use some type of canned dough such as the biscuits or crescent rolls instead? And use a high quality of store bought pie feeling for these and still taste great?

    • Tere Lange says

      I agree that the crescent roll probably would not work but here’s a suggestion for the crescent dough, I put a small wedge of cream cheese, raspberry filling or jam & a few chocolate chips in the crescent & bake….good! Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Crescents ….YUMMY! I think I will put those ingredients on my shopping list this weekend!

  29. Tere Lange says

    I am always looking for new recipes to adapt to campfire & I think this one may be a winner!
    We do a lot of camping & cooking on the open fire, love the clean, it’s easy!
    Thinking they could be done in a box oven with the kids outdoors, it’s all about the experiment!

  30. Kathy says

    Great desert, Parents made this for years camping, while sitting out at campfire 11:00pm looking for a treat. Used the long handle irons still available, but could only make one or two at a time. Nice to bring back memories and take it inside.

  31. Thomas says

    These were great! I made the apple pie filling as well which was tasty. I suggest you add to your baking instructions that you should flip the rolls over about half way thru. I cooked mine for 20 minutes waiting for the top to brown and I finally decided to flip them over but the bottoms of a few had already been a little burnt :(. I cooked them on the other side for about 7 more minutes.

    • says

      So glad you enjoyed them Thomas! My rolls didn’t need to be flipped but that’s a great tip for those who want to brown the tops a little more!

  32. tonya says

    I just made these. they were a bit messier then the directions. but so yummy. I also only used about 1 tbsp as 2 would have been to much to roll. came out delicious. at 15 minutes the edges were crispy and the centers were soft. im gonna try keeping them in for a few more minutes for a bit more crisp.
    happy baking enjoy

  33. Caroline says

    I just made them at the office…yes I;m spoiled and have a kitchen at work LOL I made 1 batch with apple pie filling and another batch with pumpkin pie filling YUMMMMMM

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