30 Minute Dinner Rolls

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So incredibly easy to make and wonderfully delicious, these 30-Minute Dinner Rolls are the perfect addition to any meal!

dinner roll on plate with butter

There is truly no smell as amazing as fresh warm bread or rolls coming out of the oven! I remember coming home from school to the smell of freshly baked buns or bread, ready and waiting as the perfect after school snack! To this day when I smell fresh baking, I am immediately transported to that happy time and place of my childhood.

Fast forward to today with busy work schedules, running to kids activities and trying to simply keep up with life, it is difficult to put together a meal – let alone add on the extras!

This 30-Minute Dinner Roll recipe is wonderful because it is truly so easy to prepare, the buns take a short time to rise and the result is such a delicious treat that it is worth the extra effort! What a great side to enjoy with a hot and tasty bowl of soup or chili!


dinner rolls stacked


I love the convenience of buying dinner rolls from the store and the quality is very nice. In most cases however, store bought items have additives or preservatives in order to keep a longer shelf life. Making these homemade dinner rolls from scratch ensures that nothing is added except wholesome goodness! And these tasty little buns never last long enough to have to worry about shelf life!

If you are lucky enough to have any left over the next day, they do stay fresh and are so wonderful served with butter and jam in the morning! I love to enjoy this special treat with my morning coffee – it is comfort food at it’s best!

Our sense of smell is one of the most highly acute of all our senses and tends to influence our mood. It is no small wonder that when we smell freshly baked dinner rolls, it makes us feel happy and excited in anticipation of these tender, tasty treats!

dinner rolls stacked
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 18 rolls
Author Holly Nilsson
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
There is truly no smell as amazing as fresh warm bread or rolls coming out of the oven! These 30 minute dinner rolls are the perfect addition to any meal!


  • 1 cup warm tap water
  • 1/3 cup oil
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons yeast
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 1 tablespoon softened butter
  • 3 to 4 cups all-purpose flour I used closer to 3
  • 1/8 cup milk room temperature

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  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • In a large bowl, combine 1 cup water, oil, sugar, and yeast. Let sit until yeast is bubbly (about 8 minutes). Stir in beaten egg softened butter and salt.
  • With a stand mixer or by hand, add flour, one cup at a time until you have a soft dough that isn’t sticky. Knead by hand 10 minutes or 5 minutes with a stand mixer.
  • Divide dough into 18 even pieces, and form into balls. Place in a greased pan and cover with parchment paper and a kitchen towel.
  • Let rise 10 minutes in a warm place. (You can allow them to rise up to an additional 30 minutes if time allows).
  • Lightly brush with milk and bake on the middle rack for 10-12 minutes or just until browned.

Recipe Notes

If baking in a 9x13 pan, I make 15 rolls.
If baking in a 10x15 pan, I make 18 rolls.

Nutrition Information

Calories: 134, Carbohydrates: 19g, Protein: 3g, Fat: 5g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 11mg, Sodium: 76mg, Potassium: 32mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 3g, Vitamin A: 36IU, Calcium: 7mg, Iron: 1mg
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Whether it’s a special occasion or you simply want a delicious addition to your weeknight meal, 30-Minute Dinner Rolls are perfect! Absolutely delicate, delicious and simple to make, you will want to bake them often. And your family will ask for them even more!

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collage of dinner rolls, one cut open with butter and a whole bun
dinner rolls with text

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  1. These were amazing and beautiful! All 9 kiddos and Hubby gobbled them up. Doubled recipe and made 32, next time I’ll make the rolls smaller.5 stars

  2. Super easy & fast beautiful dough rose perfectly. Next time will skip the milk brush, it caused them to fall and it made no difference with it. Doubled and made 325 stars

  3. Turned out great. I was surprised they were as light and fluffy as they were given that the rising time was so short. My only suggestion would be to alter the amount of sugar and salt; the rolls were a tad too sweet. I’m adjusting to 3 Tb sugar instead of a quarter cup, and 1 tsp instead of 1/2 tsp.4 stars

  4. My kids helped make these and had fun. They all agreed, as do I, that the rolls needed more salt. With that said, the rolls puffed up nicely (although uneven and lopsided as they were made by little hands :) and were very soft.4 stars

  5. Cooked it for triple the time and it was still undercooked on the inside. Not a great recipe, wanted to try a new recipe as the usual bread one I use is a 3 hour process which works out amazingly. This not so much, very dense and doughy even after a solid 10 minutes kneeling. Wouldn’t do again.1 star

  6. Thank you for this delicious recipe. It really is foolproof. I made several mistakes following the recipe — just distracted — and corrected them but had low expectations due to my mess-ups. However they still came out of the oven picture-perfect and tasted great! I loved that I could mix and knead them using my stand mixer. Really easy! My family couldn’t stop eating them.5 stars

  7. This was my first time making dinner rolls. They were amazing. Thank you so much! Great recipe. Totally recommend it5 stars

  8. Hi there ,

    Would really like to try this . Do you have a button on your page to convert the quantities into metric measurements?

    Or any advice on the conversion measurements. Thanking you in advance.

    United Kingdom

    1. Unfortunately I am unable to provide metric conversions. There are many conversion tools available online. I hope that helps.

  9. I made this with whole wheat flour because that’s what I already had open. What I learned: you have to bake an extra 5 minutes and the rolls are very dense instead of light and fluffy. They still taste good but I think I would prefer a lighter roll. Bi will try this again with the white all purpose flour. It was super easy and fast.

    1. Hi Stefanie, we have only tried this recipe as written but you should be able to make them larger. You will just need to adjust the baking time accordingly. Hope that helps!

  10. Turned out like a scone for me! A bit funky as a bacon sandwich but the rest of the family seemed to enjoy them..4 stars

  11. Every recipe turns out fantastic! I used this recipe when my kids were very young (40+ years ago!) and had lost the recipe over the years. I was just thinking I wiushed I had it again and then, BOOM! Here it is! Perfect!5 stars

  12. I am in the processing of making the rolls. When do I add the milk? The receipe says brush the rolls with milk? Help

  13. Ok these are the best rolls hands down ! I used my hands not a cake mixer and it was super easy to make and delicious! My boys devoured them! I had everything I needed right in my pantry! I’ll be making these again. Thank you!5 stars

  14. I have been baking rolls and slider buns since I have the time now! I have tried many recipes, but this one is the easiest, quickest and the best tasting!!! We devoured them!!

  15. The rolls came out fluffy and golden brown. The only issue is they tasted a little funny. Im thinking it could be because there is so much yeast in it. I used bread flour so next time I will cut down on the yeast..4 stars

  16. Brilliant. First time I tried such a quick bread recipe and I must admit to having little faith. They turned way better than I expected. Next time though, as I use a fan forced oven I will reduce the heat as others have suggested – and and add more salt. But even as they are, a tad overcooked they are a huge hit5 stars

  17. Awesome!! I used almost 4 cups for humid environment but it did exactly what you did it would. So excited.5 stars

  18. Waste of time. Used regular yeast as quick yeast wasn’t specified. Came out dense and heavy Knead the doing well…ugh!

    1. I’m sorry these didn’t work out for you. We use regular yeast for this recipe and haven’t had that problem.

  19. Not sure if I did something incorrectly. I followed the instructions to a tee and they came very doughy in the middle after 12 mins. They hadn’t browned yet so I put them back in for another 2 mins, still not browned, so I did 3 mins, still not browned. I took them back out and they had risen quite a bit but still doughy inside. I did not want to bake them for any longer as the bottoms were starting to get crunchy and brown.2 stars

    1. It sounds like an oven issue…not a recipe issue. I would test with a cheap oven thermometer…best of luck!!

  20. I am quite new to bread making, but found these simple to make and possibly the softest, most delicious rolls I have ever tasted. Slightly sweet which I loved. Brilliant thank you Penny

      1. Ok, these are incredible. I used instant yeast, about 3 1/4 flour, and sprinkled with large flakes of sea salt before baking. I also let them rise for an hour. My kids went nuts over them. They were the lightest flakiest rolls! Not sure what went wrong with the others? I did spoon the flour so it wasn’t packed. I think others may have used too much flour? I also used a mixer with dough hook.5 stars

  21. Made these the other day and they were a hit! I used instant yeast and about 41/2 cups up flour.
    My only question is, can i save half the dough for the next day and if so, how do i store it? 16 rolls is a bit much for 1 sitting :-)

    1. Hi Leshae, the raw dough can be saved in the fridge for about 48 hours. I would place in a bowl brushed with olive oil, then tightly wrap with plastic wrap until you’re ready to make your next batch! Let us know how they turn out :)

  22. Slider roll perfection in under 40 minutes! We came home from an active day, hungry for burgers. I had ground beef, but no buns!
    My 12-yr-old & I followed the recipe exactly, using a mixer. The rolls came out perfectly golden, fluffy & delicious.
    I’ve also used this recipe for making hot dog buns & have subbed whole wheat flour for part of the AP floor. All variations turned out well.
    Thanks so much!5 stars

  23. Turned out ok. Need to rise more than the 13 minutes I had. Also took over 20 minutes to bake in a 400 oven.3 stars

  24. This is the second time I have attempted this recipe, both times my rolls rose only a little during the 10min and although the did still rise in baking the end result was less than 4cm high. This second attempt I had a different brand of yeast and flour but I ended up with a very sticky dough that took close to 4 cups of flour.
    Of course we still ate them, they were still light and a bit crumbly. It is a very sweet bread.2 stars

  25. I just made these rolls. They were quick and yummy. Light, fluffy and golden brown. Amazing for only 30 minutes. I made a few larger to use for sandwiches. Thanks for this great recipe!5 stars

  26. This was a beautiful dough to work with and rose really well (even after only the 10 minutes!), however the texture wasn’t what I was expecting. They were somehow a combination of doughy yet soft? Almost so soft it was as if it disintegrated in your mouth the moment you took a bite. I would have liked a roll with more chew to it. That being said, for a 30 minute recipe it was worth it. If I had more time though I would stick to a traditional recipe.3 stars

  27. For those questioning the amount of yeast, it’s double because you are rushing the rise time! The smaller the amount of yeast the longer it takes for your bread to rise. Dense bread could be due to several factors, like too much flour (only add flour until the dough no longer sticks!). Make sure you knead your dough to give elasticity to the gluten. That makes for a much fluffier roll. I did personally tweak a few elements, based on preference. I did 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water. 1 tsp salt vs. 1/2 because I like a saltier bread. I do also have to bake my rolls at 350. I’ve never had luck with 400 degrees; always burned on the outside and doughy on the inside. Sometimes ovens are inconsistent so you have to be aware of whether your oven cooks hotter or not. I have a go to recipe for rolls but it takes about 3 hours total so this is a fantastic recipe when you just don’t have the time! Thank you.5 stars

  28. I made these wonderful sweet rolls for the second time this evening. I do think that that brushing them with the milk made them plop down a bit before baking. These are now our favorite! This dough also makes excellent cinnamon rolls. Thanks for this recipe.5 stars

  29. Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa. Thank you so much for this recipe!
    I used cake flour and instant yeast, and I halved the amounts and made 9x50g rolls. They came out absolutely (astoundingly) perfect. Having baked breads that needed hours of rest and TLC, I was quite pleasantly surprised at the lightness, fluffiness and rich taste of these 30 minute rolls!5 stars

  30. Please note, after making these great tasting sweet rolls, I recommend that they are cooked for at least an extra 6-8 minutes if the rolls are slightly bigger (eg. 8 rolls).3 stars

  31. So I made these rolls with out reading the reviews…. I went back to read them right after they came out of the oven and got super nervous bc so many said they came out like scones! But thank goodness mine did not. They were pillowy and I didn’t find the yeast flavor over powering at all. I think next time though I’ll use honey butter instead of milk.

    1. Sorry to hear that PK. Did you let them rise in a warm place for at least 10 mins? If they don’t feel like they have risen enough you can leave them an additional 30 minutes!

  32. Easy and delicious. We toasted leftovers the next morning with butter and cinnamon sugar! Just amazing!5 stars

  33. These were amazing! Reminded me of the homemade rolls our lunch ladies used to make in the old days. Will definitely make again. Can’t believe how fast they rose.5 stars

  34. I made it with success the first time, its very delicious but texture is abit dense. Juat wondering could it be I have melted the butter?
    Am making my second time today, letting it to rise now. But it crossed my mind, can I let it rise first then only shape into bun shape and and baked immediately after?

    1. That could have affected the texture, Sandy as melted butter does create different results than softened butter. It could also be too much flour, you can check out our guide on measuring flour for tips for that. As for rising, I would shape into buns first them allow them to rise for 30 – 40 minutes.

    2. This might be too late to help, but if you bake before the second rise (straight after making the dough balls) they will not rise properly in the oven. The yeast needs a little time to work before going into the oven.

  35. Really quick and easy. Mine rose really nicely. I would add a bit more salt next time though as they were a bit bland. Not sure if I maybe made a mistake somewhere that caused that. All things considered, I’ll definitely make these again! Thank you for the recipe!!!
    Blessings from South Africa :)4 stars

  36. Followed recipe to a T. Rolls never rose. It was brand new yeast. I’ve never had a recipe say to add the oil to the yeast mix. I feel like that was the issue.1 star

    1. Hi Jeff, I am not sure why your rolls never rose, but the recipe is correct as written. We do add the oil into the yeast mixture with great success on this recipe.

  37. I made here for the first time tonight. I thought maybe my yeast was expired because it didn’t start bubbling for a while but ended up in the end. The buns rose and turned out beautifully but tasted VERY YEASTY. My kiddo wouldn’t eat them and even for me, the eternal bread lover, they were off. Any idea what could cause that? Or what I could do differently next time?

    1. These are a yeast roll so they do have a slight “yeast” flavor to them, Laura. But the longer you let them rise the more the flavor develops, so you could try baking them after the initial 10 min rise (instead of the additional 30 mins indicated in the recipe). Hope that helps!

  38. I loved these! There are some comments about it being “bland” … honestly for me and my family it is delicious and I have tried many recipes before this one. I made mine into more of a “bun” shaoe and size, so that we could have some prego steak rolls and it was perfect!

    Loved that it didn’t need to rise an eternity too! I left mine for about 30min and then baked them without brushing the tops with milk.

    I got 6 decent sized buns and enjoyed working with the dough (wasn’t as much kneading needing as other recipes).

    Thanks for this one! It’s now my household staple all the way in South Africa5 stars

  39. Made these a few weeks ago and they are delicious! I did allow them to rise for 30-40 mins, just because I had the time. My whole family loved them! I plan on making them again tonight to accompany dinner.5 stars

  40. I made these tonight and they were awesome! I have played around with yeast rolls over the last few months, hitting and missing . But these are not only easy but they are soft and good. Thanks Holly for a great recipe. I have one question…could I use olive oil or stick to vegetable?5 stars

      1. My first time with a successful dinner roll recipe! Quick n easy! Turned out great! I only used 3 1/4 cup flour. Made them a second time and tucked in raisin and also tried wrapping weiner to make hotdog rolls. All turned out great! I only let it rise 20 mins in warm place.5 stars

  41. I made it exactly according to the recipe, because if I didn’t, then it would’ve been a completely different recipe
    If I was vegan or gluten free, I would’ve not made these and wouldn’t have adapted this particular recipe, to my special diet.
    I would’ve simply looked up a recipe that was consistent with my special diet.
    Having said that, when I googled Quick and easy dinner rolls, your recipe popped up
    If I had google gluten free vegan free quick hot rolls I would’ve never stumbled upon your recipe
    Instead I googled exactly what I wanted…
    Quick easy sweet yeast rolls
    And BOOM I didn’t have to adjust one single ingredient and the are absolutely phenomenal!

  42. I really wanted to make homemade dinner rolls for Easter but was running short on time! These rolls turned out fluffy and delicious even with only letting them rise 10 minutes.5 stars

  43. Super easy and they came out great! But, the flavor was a little bland but I think I didn’t add enough salt. I’ll definitely make these again!4 stars

  44. These were so easy and quick! Yummy with butter and honey… … so dangerous!!! Thank you for sharing this… most definitely a keeper!5 stars

  45. I made these vegan with earth balance buttery spread, Energy Egg Replacer, and brushed with unsweetened soy milk. Also used 2.5 c whole wheat flour and 3/4 semolina flour. I also added a second scant 1/2 teaspoon of salt. They are amazing: light, fluffy, and delicious. Really fast – excellent soft dinner rolls that can be made while dinner is cooking. Thank you!5 stars

  46. I was in a rush today and in New Zealand I couldn’t just pop to the supermarket and get some fresh bread/rolls. Came across this recipe and wow within an hour I had rolls to go with my soup. They were soft and fluffly. The whole family loved them and have already asked me to make them again.5 stars

    1. Hi Diane, Is your yeast fresh or did you test it to make sure it’s still good if you’ve had it a while? That can cause the rolls to not rise properly and seem a bit dense.

  47. I made these last night and though they were delicious they were more like a biscuit texture. Would like to know what I did wrong. I had mixed as I don’t have a kitchen aid or anything else.

    1. Hmm, I am not sure exactly what happened Amy. Did they rise properly before baking? If you have time, giving them the extra 30 minutes to rise can really help with their texture.

    2. Amy,
      I seemed to have the same problem. After some research, I think it was my water to flour ratio. I think my next batch I will up water a tad. Hope it helps!

      1. How disappointing Henna Nel. I can’t say for sure what went wrong. Did your rolls rise? Did you check that your yeast is not outdated? What type of flour did you use?

    1. I had the same thought, should it be 2 tsp instead, but I went ahead and used the 2 Tbs and followed the recipe exactly. Unfortunately, they came out with a very strong yeast flavor and a strange crumbly texture. A lot of people have said they’re fluffy, but they seemed excessively fluffy to the point of breaking apart when trying to get them out of the pan. My yeast wasn’t expired, so I know that wasn’t an issue. I normally make dough for bread and rolls in my bread maker but tried this since it was faster, but now I’m going back to my old way. It takes longer but produces much better results with no kneading involved.

  48. I love the idea of home made bread but hate the idea of waiting! This recipe is super easy, requires minimum effort and the rolls came out perfectly light and fluffy. This is an amazing recipe! Thank you! Highly recommend!5 stars

  49. I make bread all the time. I didn’t have time to make my normal loaf. I found this recipe and made them. They are super light and fluffy. I think they would be more suited to use as a sandwich instead of a dinner roll. They were super easy to make though!5 stars

    1. I had problems with the water and flour ratio. Had to add almost 5 cups flour. Good thing i could compare with the dough from the video. It rose well and came out fluffy but tasteless. Will adding more salt and sugar change the texture in any way?

  50. For Dairy free/vegan/plant based individuals:

    This recipe can be easily made by swapping out the milk with oat, soy or almond milk and the butter with Earth Balance or Miyokos Butter.

    Vegans avoiding white sugar can swap the sugar with agar, maple syrup etc through I recommend keeping it to no more than a tablespoon- just enough to activate the yeast.

    A fun flavor variety is cheddar and roasted garlic. Make as above but during the final kneading, knead I’m chopped Have A Heart vegan cheddar and roasted garlic. Prep and bake as usual.

    Thanks for the recipe! It’s a go-to in our home and we’ve made it many, many times and never had it fail.

  51. Love, love, love these rolls. Easy to make and great time saver. Made these rolls while we were having a major rain storm in February. Came out beautiful.5 stars

  52. I make bread and rolls on my Bosch a lot. These rolls are my new favorite! They were fast and perfectly fluffy! I followed recipe exactly and let them rise for about 20 minutes. I thought they were as good as Rhodes rolls.5 stars

  53. I’m not usually a huge fan of quick rolls, they always seem to taste a little bit funnier just don’t turn out right. These ones are really good and they have a lot of flavor to them. Great recipe.5 stars

  54. The dinner rolls were easy to make not a little dry for me. I will play with the recipe to increase moisture and more of a yeast taste. Thank you for your wonderful efforts!3 stars

  55. Hi, I’m writing from Ireland. Having lived in the USA, I knew I was going to have to modify this recipe due to different ingredients etc so initially they didn’t work out great. They LOOKED good but they were very doughy and (sorry) tasteless. So, i decided to remak them with European adjustments. I reduced oil , added more Irish butter, and used strong flour. I doubled the amount of salt and added a teaspoon of dried rosemary. I’m out of garlic powder but that’s definitely going in the next batch. I’m excited to see how they turn out (currently proving and giving them more time) as I teach cookery to HS kids and need a quick recipe for class on yeast. So far the dough seems heavier – could be the fact i used the Kitchen Aid versus the handheld mixer lol .

  56. Great results for what it is! Look, these are not the gourmet fluffy rolls you get at Chuck-A-Rama. Those kinds of delicate baked goods require forethought, time, effort, and maybe even a good amount of sweat and tears! The truth is, sometimes you don’t have the time to create that kind of an intense roll, but you still have a need for something bread-ish to go with dinner. Such was the case with our family tonight. Admittedly, I didn’t have high expectations for these babies, but was in a pinch and was desperate to try it. Wow! My whole family and I were very pleasantly surprised! We used bread flour, and a Bosch to mix it. Maybe those things helped create the great result. But yes, if you’re pinched for time, make these! I didn’t even let mine rise the full 10 minutes, and they really were great. I thought the milk glazing before baking was unique, but it worked and produced a shiny top. Cool! I used whole milk for that glazed with a silicone brush. Very cool. Thank you for saving dinner, friend!5 stars

  57. We made these at our school in the cafeteria, they were a huge hit! We had to adjust the recipe to make about 200 rolls. Light and tasty, we probably wont order any store bought rolls again. Quick and easy too!!5 stars

  58. First time making rolls. Very easy Recipe to follow. Rolls look perfect and are very soft, but dont taste very good. I also had to bake them for way more than 12min. im a pretty good cook and my kids love all kinds of foods but they spit the rolls out. :( They were so excited and said they smelt great but when they took a bite they told me to put them back in the oven for longer.. I followed the advice of others and turned them into sliders. I kind of feel like they need salt or something… too bland.. but I’m glad I gave then a try. i feel like it’s a good base for maybe something other than rolls..2 stars

  59. I’ve made these twice now and my second batch I cut in half and used some for dinner rolls and some for cinnamon bun rolls. Super easy and delicious!!! Do you think I could make this into a loaf shape and bake for a bit longer?5 stars

    1. Hi Tara, we have never tried this recipe as loaf but other readers have with great results. There only tip was to really let it rise in the pan before baking :) Let us know how it turns out!

    2. I made this recipe. They turned out ok but they taste a little Yeasty. What could of I did wrong? I really want to try them as cinnamon buns as I saw someone else do.

  60. I have used this recipe several times and it comes out perfect each time. These would be great for slider buns. They stay fresh for a few days and they are so quick. I always have time to make these.5 stars

  61. Easy, quick yeast rolls, exactly what I searched for. I don’t particularly like the milk on top, it made them a bit hard. I would perfer to use butter when they come out I think. Other then that, it really is near perfect. We have been remodeling and I have misplaced my mixer so I made this in a bowl and kneaded it with my hands. It is an easy light dough. I encourage you to try it.5 stars

  62. Waaaaaaaaay to sweet and the cook time given was not long enough. otherwise it would have been a great quick bread roll. Def didn’t need all that sugar unless I got it wrong and was meant to eat them for dessert.2 stars

  63. I have to say , I was cooking Kraut Burgers for a fund raiser and my store bought dinner rolls would Not rise,being 30 minutes from town, I tried this recipe.The dough rolled out perfect, I filled them.They came out looking a tasting Perfect.Thank you for posting this,it saved the day!!5 stars

    1. Hi Ronald, I haven’t tried it with butter but several readers have and have had good results. Let us know how it goes!

  64. I guess this is fine in a pinch. They are fluffy and they *look* like dinner rolls, but they essentially taste like nothing. I can’t put my finger on why they are so bland. They work if you want to dunk them in something, but alone they aren’t very tasty.2 stars

  65. Nevermind about my last comment… I saw that the milk is brushed on afterwards… lol. Oops! Made these and they were so easy and delicious!

  66. Produced inedible hockey pucks as hard as rocks. Threw them out without serving them. Followed the recipe, even gave them a full half hour to rise. Save your flour.1 star

    1. Hi Ali, we have never tried preparing this dough ahead of time. But if you were to try this, I would suggest making the dough, then refrigerating, and brining out of the refrigerator to rise the next day before baking. Let us know how it turns out!

  67. Hi! My daughter has to make rolls at school, and we’ve searched far and wide for a quick, easy recipe that produced delicious rolls. This recipe was one of many attempts, and was the first success! The rolls are soft and baked thoroughly, we couldn’t resist eating them straight away!
    Many thanks :)

    1. Hi Maude, we have only made this recipe as listed. But since the milk is just brushed on top it should be fine. Other readers have used soy milk with great results.

  68. Mine tasted ok but weren’t “pretty” and smooth across the top; looked more like drop biscuits. Any tips for a prettier roll like your pics?

  69. I have made these rolls more than 30 times and it just occured to me i haven’t commented on how amazing this recipe is. Thank you for this awesomeness!!! It is my go to and so quick and easy to make. I normally tweak recipes but with this i make as is and it comes and just perfect and fluffy everytime. I have also tried making it into a loaf and using whole whear flour. Still perfect.

  70. I had to bake 25 minutes but they were delicious. Also let them rise for 30 before baking and brushed tops with butter once they came out of the oven. Served with homemade beef stew on a cold, rainy day! Real comfort food!

    1. Thank you for your post .I sent this recipe to my friend who made home made stew. Cant wait to see how she likes it. Ty! Sincerely Carol Shupp

  71. I just followed this recipe (super easy and quick!) and have let the buns sit for over a half an hour and they don’t appear to be “rising”. I’m concerned about putting them in the oven, but I just did it, so hopefully they turn out. Otherwise, I guess I’ll be running to the store.

  72. just made the recipe and disappointed. Dough still sticky after 4 cups flour; too little salt and too dark on bottom by the time the tops were brown. am a semi-experienced bread maker but will not try this again.

    1. Sorry to hear that the rolls didn’t turn out for you Dianne. We haven’t had those issues so can’t say for sure why. Thank you for trying the rolls.

  73. Well this is the first time I made these and my mom said great job .
    And yes I am a male that loves to bake so yes easy peasy great recipe for a first timer or anyone . J B Wellman

  74. Love these rolls!
    Actually forgot the butter the first time and they still turned iut delicious!
    Do you think this recipie would work as a loaf of bread?

    1. So happy you loved it Kim! We haven’t tried this recipe as a loaf but would love to hear how it turns out for you.

    2. I have tried it several times and it works. I leave it to really rise in the loaf pan first before baking and then of course baking time is longer.

    1. Hi Becky, we haven’t tried freezing them. I think it would work but can’t say for sure. Other readers have had success, let us know if you try it!

  75. I attempted this recipe on a chance & I am so happy I did!!! Seriously quick, easy & so yummy!!! I will be making this again & again & again! Thank you for sharing 5 stars

  76. My rating for these 30 minute dinner rolls are based on a combo based on-
    EASE of making- 4 stars
    TIME: Recipe Title “30 minute”- 3 stars
    (Actual time incl. Knead, rise & bake exceeds greatly) This should be intro noted.
    TASTE- 3 stars
    (Comparable to generic low taste pkg bread vs homemade bread/rolls that are tasty even without butter or other spread)
    TEXTURE- 4 stars
    It could be a 4 star IF this was closer to what was personally expected in a dinner roll. But, for me, time & flavor for a “quick” recipe made the difference. I rather know actual or approx times & flavor where its great by itself. These rolls are good dressed up & noted to take more total time.3 stars

  77. These are the best rolls. They are so quick compared to normal yeast rolls. I can have them done in no time. I thought they would be great as slider buns, too. Excellent recipe.5 stars

  78. I made these last night to go along with dinner, followed the recipe exactly, and was not impressed. They are pretty tasteless. The texture was okay straight out of the oven, but the next day they are so crumbly that they fall apart when I try to spread soft butter on them. My toddler, who typically loves dinner rolls, spat out the first bite I gave her and now just shakes her head whenever I try to offer her another bite of these rolls. Won’t be making these again.2 stars

  79. Hi Dawn Conklin,
    I use light olive oil or grapeseed oil for baking as they are both non GMO and have a light taste.

    I do not use Corn, Soy, Canola (aka rape seed oil) because they are GMO oils. I use butter, coconut oil, light olive oil, EVO, grapeseed oil and avocado oil. I also use the lighter oil for making mayo.

    Happy Baking!


  80. I’ve made these too many times to count. I sometimes half the recipe or I double it depending on the meal and day. I am currently making them again for the second time this week .i am always telling people to make these. If I could I would post pictures of the finished product .5 stars

  81. Overall these were a good quick roll recipe. I was making soup for family members after I returned from vacation and did not have time for regular bread. These were soft and fluffy and not that much work. I did make a half batch and reduce the sugar. I used a little more himalayan salt to add flavor, and butter instead of oil. For new bakers 150 folds and turns worked for me with a 1st rise of 18 min and a second rise of 25 min.4 stars

  82. Made these twice now and they are the easiest rolls to make! I used to struggle with rolls for some reason. The first time I made them I goofed and added the milk to the dough and brushed butter on them. Second time I followed exactly. They turned out great both times :)

    Question tho. What oil did you use? I don’t like the hydrogenated oils so I typically use sunflower (expeller cold pressed), coconut or olive oil. I used the sunflower oil and I notice that it can have an over powering taste (not bad but the oil stands out -it does with baking sometimes.) Was wondering if olive oil or coconut oil would work? Or maybe melted butter in it’s place?5 stars

  83. Awesome. I just made this, I let it rise for 30 minutes and it turned out absolutely delicious and beautiful but after baking for 15-16 minutes it was still a bit doughy inside. Overall still an easy and quick recipe that’s definitely worth making.4 stars

  84. Tried this recipe today and I must say I loved it! My company were super impressed by my homemade dinner rolls!! Will most definitely be making these again!5 stars

  85. Thank goodness these turned out! I was nervous they wouldn’t because they seemed too sticky during the kneading process (mind you I know nothing about baking rolls)
    I do agree with others who said they could use a little more salt.. or you could just drench them in melted salted butter like I did lol
    Anyway, I will definitely be making these again, thank you!5 stars

  86. Needed rolls for dinner an fast could not make it to the store found these an wow my family LOVED them that you!

  87. Overall, my family liked these rolls. They turned out beautiful, soft and fluffy. They also had a nice sweetness to them. However, it could definitely use a bit more salt in my opinion, but I would definitely recommend this recipe as a low sodium option for people with special dietary needs. I would definitely make these again, just with more salt.4 stars

      1. Made these tonight and added melted butter garlic powder and parmesan cheese to go with a spaghetti dinner. It came out awesome!!

  88. Used this recipe to make some burger buns in a pinch. It worked wonderfully. Grandmother loved shaping the rolls with me.5 stars

  89. These were my first time baking any kind of bread and my whole family loved them. Great recipe will be using for future meals.

    1. Sorry they didn’t work out for you Kathryn. If you have any questions we can help with, let us know!

  90. These look so good and easy!
    I tried for the first time tonight and they rose beautifully… until I brushed the milk on the top of the dough. They fell! What did I do wrong?

    1. I’m sorry that this recipe didn’t work out for you Angie. Was your milk at room temperature when you brushed it on?

  91. I love this recipe .. I am not a baker my any means , but when I make these I get more fantastic comments on how good these buns are . I am grilled when they come out of the oven !
    Thank you for sharing this recipe .
    Oh and my husband thanks you too .5 stars

  92. Worked so well… i accidentally put in the milk with the ingredients and still tuened out fantastic!5 stars

    1. I have never tried it Lauralee, but in theory with the addition of cinnamon and sugar it could work. If you try it, please let us know how it turns out!

  93. I added 1.5 tsp salt and cooked the recommended time. What I did wrong was kneeding the dough – too long or too short or too much?

    Because this was my first time making buns, it wasn’t an epic fail, they were just a little dense. I know I kneed (lol) to practice more.

    Still, very tasty and my family enjoyed them. Thanks.

    1. Hi Marion,
      I am so glad you enjoyed the rolls. The kneading time can be tricky,my best advice is to knead until the dough is smooth on the outside, springs back when pressed on with your fingers and is no longer sticky. I hope this helps!

  94. I am so glad you take the time to put this on line it’s is easier for me to look them up …thank God bless

  95. They are very good! I love that they are quick and easy. But mine almost came out like a yeasty biscuit roll. I still love how soft and fluffy they were. I can’t stand a hard, dry roll.

    I had to make a few changes. I used Smart Balance because of no dairy and brushed with almond milk. I wish I could share a picture!5 stars

        1. I have not tried freezing them first. I think it would work but can’t say for sure. Other readers have had success, let us know if you try it!

  96. I love this recipe and I can’t count the times I made it. Today being Fat Tuesday I wanted King Cake but simple. So I made your recipe except I added roughly two tablespoons of orange zest, rolled it out, add cinnamon, combo of brown and white sugar and butter. Mmm. Lots of butter, braided and baked. Holy cow!! It’s perfect. Thank you for an easy recipe.5 stars

  97. Help, I have made this recipe twice and each time the rolls turn out dense. Is it due to insufficient salt or did I not let the rolls rise enough? Your thoughts?

    1. The salt shouldn’t affect the rise. Is your yeast fresh or did you test it to make sure it’s still good if you’ve had it a while?

        1. I can’t say for sure why these didn’t work out for you. As they have a lot of yeast, you will notice a slight yeast flavor. Did they rise before baking?

          1. How about how you are measuring your flour. Are you sifting the flour before you measure? To much flour is bad

  98. High altitude baker chiming in here with some of my feedback. Definitely one of the best quick roll recipes I’ve seen, though as others have mentioned it’s really more like an 60-90 minutes start to finish. I’ve also found that my dough seems to absorb around 4-4.5 cups of flour (480-540 grams of AP flour), but the 30 minute rise time is good even at a mile high. As others have found their rolls a little underdone, I baked mine at 400F for 15 minutes until nicely browned, then covered the pan with foil and baked for another 3-5 minutes until an instant read thermometer hit 200F in the middle of the pan. Seems to be good and thanks!4 stars

  99. First of all the recipe is wrong and the only reason I knew that is because I read the comments while I was waiting for my yeast to do its magic. I had to triple the batch to make up for the incorrect amount of yeast that is listed in the recipe. I let the rolls rise for 30 minutes in the pans and the rolls still turned out quite dense. This “quick” recipe ended up taking too much time and wasn’t all that great!1 star

    1. The yeast amount is correct and based on reviews, most readers have had great success with this recipe.

      If you tripled the batch except the yeast, you changed the amount of yeast in the recipe which is why they didn’t rise and were dense.

  100. I’m making your quick rolls and they call for 2 tablespoons of yeast. Is that right or is that an error? That seems like an awful lot of yeast.

  101. These turned out wonderful and fast! I made breadsticks instead of rolls and they baked up GBD and soft! This recipe will be going on my weekly menu! Thank you!5 stars

    1. Hey All;

      Tried this recipe today. Different from my “go to recipe”, I like the cooking time on these buns, cuts down half my original time with my other recipe, and they turned out great Will definitely use this recipe again.5 stars

  102. These are the best rolls ever. Better than biscuits. In my 75 years I have baked a lot of biscuits, but these rolls are wonderful. Thanks for the recipe.5 stars

  103. I figured out the milk was for brushing before baking, lol. I followed this recipe exactly but allowed them to raise about 30 minutes. The center was chewy. Why do you think this happened? Could it be my oven? The taste was nonetheless very good.

    1. I can’t say for sure why the rolls were chewy. Did they rise well for you? What type of flour did you use? Did you skip the butter/fat?

  104. These were amazing! I needed some rolls in a pinch and I couldn’t be happier with these. Going in my recipe book now. Thanks for sharing!

  105. I made these today and they turned out great! In the video, it looked like you had 15 rolls in the pan, but the recipe said 18? May add a little more salt and sugar next time for my husband’s liking. And I had to bake them longer than the directions stated. I absolutely LOVED working with this dough! I used my KitchenAid with the dough hook and it worked great! The dough was SO soft – almost therapeutic – to work with! Lol. Thanks again for a great recipe! 5 stars

        1. Hi Miranda, they should be fine in the fridge for a few hours but we haven’t tried leaving them overnight. If you do, please let us know how it turns out!

  106. I loved these. I used rapid rise yeast because it’s all I had. I will ad a little more sugar next round but they turned out great for a first timer! Can you freeze before rising?

    1. I have not tried freezing them first. I think it would work but can’t say for sure. Other readers have had success freezing first. Let us know if you try it!

  107. Buns were just ok. Baked 13 minutes. Were brown on top and still doughy inside. Did not rise much either (yeast was good as it was tested before using it).2 stars

  108. This was my first time making rolls. I made some to give as Christmas treats and they turned out great. I made this recipe and another recipe just to try, and this one is by far the best! I’ll be making several more dozen. Thank you!5 stars

  109. Can you you use 109% whole wheat flour or white whole wheat? Due to health reasons we shouldn’t have regular white flour bread anymore and I have not been able to find already made 100% whole wheat rolls in any of my local grocery stores. I have never baked but am trying to learn

    1. I haven’t tried it with 100% whole wheat flour. Wheat flour is a bit heavier so I can’t say for sure. Let us know how it goes if you try it!

  110. We loved the rolls. I added a little extra sugar and a little extra salt based on some of the reviews. They turned out perfectly for us. We loved them so much I made them two nights in a row!5 stars

  111. We were super excited to try a roll recipe that was so quick but unfortunately there was hardly any flavor in these rolls. The texture was certainly there but no flavor. It was kind of surprising considering there was sugar in the recipe.

    Thanks!3 stars

          1. Made these tonight and after they didn’t turn out, came to figure out what I did wrong. Turns out, I used 2 teaspoons of yeast and not 2 tablespoons. Obviously my mistake but it might be worth putting a note by the yeast ingredient to remind people it’s tbls and not tsp…or putting a (X number of packets). For me, knowing a packet of yeast is around 2 teaspoons, I just assumed that was the case here.

            I can see others making this mistake, since most people use packets and don’t have jars of yeast around.

  112. I made this for dinner and they worked out well and were a hit with the family! Thank you and very easy ! I used a food processor and baked the bread rolls for 5 minutes longer than suggested. 5 stars

  113. I really like these dinner rolls; especially because they can be made so quickly! They look and taste better than most quick dinner rolls. Next time I will not cook them at 400 degrees – my oven may run hot, but the tops browned too quickly, before they were done on the bottom, so I covered them loosely with a piece of foil. Also, I read the recipe a few times and watched the video to see if the pan should be sprayed or greased. There was no mention so I didn’t do it, but I will next time because it took a little work to get them out of the pan. Thank you for a good recipe – I will make them again!4 stars

  114. Quick & easy!!  Threw these together today while waiting for our ham to finally get to temp for Easter dinner! Came out great – I was nervous when the yeast wasn’t doing anything for a few minutes.  My picky 8 yo ate FIVE rolls.  If that isn’t a testament that they were good, I’m not sure what is!5 stars

  115. These rolls are every bit as wonderful ss this site claims. So beautiful, so soft and fluffy and fun to make! THANK YOU!5 stars

  116. When you divide them to rise, how far apart do you put them and do you put them right on the baking sheet you will bake them with? Do they rise more when they bake? I’m just wondering how to shape them and arrange them so they come out just barely touching as they finish baking, like in your picture. I’m an engineer so I love details.

  117. Second time I made these wonderful dinner rolls! This is a great recipe. I used the additional 30 minutes to let them rise as I had the time and only change I made was to increase salt to 1 1/2 teaspoons. Also, they freeze beautifully. Many thanks for the delicious recipe.

  118. These rolls look delicious! Just copied the recipe down, so I will try them.
    I have a comment: I never make a recipe posted, until I read reviews from others. Before asking questions about the recipe, why do people not look over the Q and A that have already been posted? Ex. what oil do you use, which kind of flour? Etc, etc.. Just seems like it would save everyone a lot of time..

  119. These rolls are easy to make and taste wonderful! My first time ever making rolls and they are a triumph, thanks! Just took them out of the oven and have eaten two, I could be in trouble with these!5 stars

  120. I made this recipe today for Thanksgiving. It was quick easy and good. Eating on its own it needs more salt for my taste, but if you slather on a good dose of salted butter, they’re perfect!5 stars

  121. These look incredible! I’m wondering if I can shape them into balls, and then leave them in the fridge until I’m ready to bake them? I’d love to serve them hot out of the oven for Sunday lunch after church! :) 

    1. They should be fine in the fridge for a few hours, you’ll likely need to leave them out for a little while to rise before baking.

  122. I’d like to take them to a family Thanksgiving potluck but would like to serve them warm. Any suggestions for making ahead?

  123. Unbelievable!. I didn’t think it would work.. It’s delicious. I halved the oil and butter and yeast but let it raise 30 mins. And cooked it 15 mins.5 stars

  124. Made these dinner rolls this afternoon. Used 2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour and 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill 100 Whole Wheat Ivory Wheat flour in the recipe. Very light and fluffy!

  125. I used as buns for pork chops, instead of 18.

    You saved my family’s dinner tonight. I ran out of time for the store and I was out of everything except sandwich bread.

    Thank you!

  126. This recipe is awesome. I made it last night, even though some of the ingredients were things I didn’t have on-hand. I used only water, yeast, oil, sugar, salt, and flour. They came out fantastic!! I watched them rise as I chopped the veggies for the soup, and when we sat down to eat I couldn’t believe how soft, fluffy, and delicious they were. I will definitely make these again.5 stars

  127. how much freash yeast (in grams) because 2 tbsp sounds foreign to me. i live in denmark where we have freash packs of 50 gram yeast and regular dry (12g)

  128. Congratulations!
    Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Hope you are having a great weekend and enjoy your new Red Plate!
    Miz Helen

  129. Holly, what a great roll recipe, I will sure try this time saving recipe. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome post with Full Plate Thursday and have a great weekend!
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  130. Yum, nothing better then a warm dinner roll with dinner! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I am hosting a giveaway on my page this week (posted Monday) and I would love if you would stop by and check it out!

  131. What type of yeast please? Instant, active, bread??? Thanks, can’t wait to try. Could the unbaked baked rolls be frozen and baked as needed?