Ways to use Greek Yogurt and What to look for when buying it!

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ways to use greek yogurt

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What is Greek Yogurt? Unlike regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is more heavily strained to remove whey and lactose, leaving behind a yogurt with less sugar and more protein than normal yogurts. It’s creamy, tart, and delicious, and is also great for you!

Buying Greek yogurt can be difficult. There are lots of brands that add additional sugars, or market regular yogurts as “Greek” when they are really just “Greek flavored.” Check the amount of sugar in your yogurt. Is it higher than you expect? Check the protein content: is it lower than you thought? Might not be real Greek!

Get it plain. Plain Greek yogurt might sound like a drag, but it makes for unlimited flavor combinations made in your own kitchen. Drizzling a little honey or maple syrup and adding some fresh fruit will not only boost the nutritional value of your yogurt, but will add the flavor you want without any unnatural or unhealthy sugars or processed fake additions.

Check the protein: All Greek yogurt is made differently. Go for the brands that have the highest amount of protein. They’ll keep you fuller, longer. The highest protein count is found in Fage, Oikos, and Chibani. Go protein!

Marinate Meats:  Yogurt makes an outstanding marinade for your meats!  The acidity actually makes meat so tender.  I love to mix yogurt, garlic, a touch of lemon and some spices as a chicken marinade!   You won’t be disappointed.

Use It For Snacks and Substitutes. Greek yogurt makes a filling and healthy snack that’s also tasty. But it also makes a great substitute in cooking as well.  Greek yogurt can be exchanged for sour cream and butter and other fats in recipes!

Use it to replace fats in your recipes...

greek yogurt substitutions

Remember, if you are using greek yogurt in a recipe on the stove, you will want to remove your pot from the heat and then stir in the yogurt at the end of cooking.

Greek yogurt can be a super healthy addition to your diet. However, make sure it is real and healthy! Greek yogurt is not regulated by the FDA like regular yogurt, so check the ingredients and check the nutrition before purchasing!

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