What to do with Extra Buttons!

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extra buttons

What do do with all of those extra buttons!

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Have a collection of extra buttons that you would like to put to good use? Extra buttons are great for all sort of fun craft projects! Check out this great list of fun things to do with your extra buttons.

Create Framed Art: Take a stencil and copy the design onto a heavy sheet of paper or some fabric. Once it has been outlined, grab some clear glue or a sewing needle, and begin attaching the buttons to fill in the pattern. The buttons, whether in one color or many, will fill in the pattern like a puzzle, and leave you with a beautiful piece of artwork you can frame and hang.

Some of my favorites are these adorable hearts on Canvas made out of buttons  and button trees for kids! 

Decorate Existing Pieces: If you throw pillows are looking dull or your blanket is looking bland, decorate it with your extra buttons! You can add a decorative border, or add them into a pattern to create a whole new look on an old piece!

Use Them As Game Pieces: If you’re running low on checker pieces or poker chips, replace them with buttons! This easy solution to missing game pieces will be a replacement that will cost you nothing.

Make Jewellery:  Did you know that there are tons of adorable ways to use buttons to make jewellery items?  Everything from earrings to necklaces & bracelets!  In fact you can get a whole book on making button jewellery on Amazon!

Teach a Lesson:  Sit at the table and have your little ones sort them by color, size or shape.  Have your kids count them, use them to explain division or multiplication.

Dollhouse Accessories: Dress up your daughter’s dollhouse with button plates, lights, wall art, pillows… The only limit is your imagination!

Arts and Crafts: Grab the kids for arts and crafts with buttons! If you kids love to glue and glitter, paint and sculpt, they’ll love some extra buttons added to their craft supplies.



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