What to do with all of that Leftover Halloween Candy!

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leftover halloween candy

Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

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After Halloween, you’ll almost always have leftover candy. The kids always leave the candies they don’t like or just get tired or them or forget about them, and you have a whole bunch of sugar laying around the house. So instead of throwing it out, or worse, YOU eating it, find something better to do with your leftovers.

Decorate with it: Little kids love crafts, and one of their favorite things to do is macaroni art. So why not make some candy art as well? If you coat the candy with lacquer, you can also make nifty candy corn jewelry for next year. Build monsters out of candy, or a whole village!

Freeze it: Candy save really well in the freezer for about a year, so you can save it for the next birthday party or every Valentines!

Donate it: Send your candy to a soldier overseas, or even one on US soil. You can also donate candy to shelters for kids for Halloween. Find causes that accept candy locally.

Swap it: Have a candy swap, so your kids get only candy they want!

Sell it: Get your child to “sell” their Halloween candy back to you in exchange for something they want. It will teach responsibility and that material things cost money. Some dentists also have programs where they will buy your child’s candy, to help save their teeth!

Brownies and Ice Cream: Who doesn’t like candy corn brownies, or nerds sprinkled on ice cream? Get creative in the kitchen with your leftover candy! Make snickers cookies, Milky Way melt-a-ways, or make up your own Halloween candy recipe!

Trail Mix: Take your leftover M&M’s and mix up some trail mix for lunches. Add peanuts, raisins, cashews, or other nuts to make your trail mix unforgettable!

Pinata: Save your leftover candy for the next child’s birthday party. You can give the candy out as favors, fill a pinata or decorate a cake with them.

Bring it to work: Leaving candy in the break-room at work will make it disappear really quickly! Just bring a bowl and a sign letting everyone know this candy is free game, and watch it vanish.

Save it for your Gingerbread house: Have a gingerbread house you build at Christmas? Save you unwanted Halloween candy to help get creative on your next cookie-house project.

Reader Tips:

Kathie B.:  make choc cookie pizza with the choc leftovers

Jessica T: Donate it.. some places will ship left over candy to the military people over seas.. everything non chocolate. It helps keep the men and women alert when on patrol.

Jennifer S: I made a “Nightmare before Christmas” house one year using a candy house kit and Halloween candy. It turned out excellently!

Candice S: My husband makes his ” monster mash” ice cream yummy!

Gudrun S: make christmas ornaments

Connie B: Give it to the vet hospital.

Connie C: donate it to a food bank

Gloria B: put them in transparent paper tie little ribbons and decorate Christmas tree.

leftover halloween candy



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  1. It may not be good to donate Halloween candy if you trick or treat and don’t know where the candy comes from just in case its tainted or messed with.