Weekly Menu Plan #75

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We have gotten together with some of our favorite food bloggers to bring you this custom weekly menu plan. We will all be sharing some of our favorite recipe ideas for you to use as you are planning out your meals for the week. Just click any of the recipe titles or pictures to get the recipe.

A little about how we plan our week…

Mondays are soup/salad.

Slow Cooker Bacon Corn Chowder

Creamy Coleslaw

Tuesdays we are bringing you delicious Mexican cuisine.

Green Enchilada Pork Chili

Wednesdays are a taste of Italy.

Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce

Thursday (Thanksgiving):

One-Pan Juicy Herb Roasted Turkey

Stove Top Green Bean Parmesan Casserole

Slow Cooker Sausage Herb Stuffing

Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Mother-in-Law Candied Yams

Lion House Rolls

Cranberry Millionaire’s Salad

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Fridays are a no cook day around here. Going out with friends and loved ones is something that we think is important. It’s your night off from cooking- enjoy!

Saturdays are an exotic food night, it’s a great night to try something new, from cooking with seafood, to trying Indian or Thai dishes.

Wonton Shrimp Stirfry

Sundays are a traditional old fashioned all American family dinner- think meat and potatoes. :)

Beefy Danish Goulash

There will also always be a couple of delectable desserts to use any day you wish.

Easy Cinnamon Apple Crisp

And since it’s Thanksgiving this week here’s a BONUS festive appetizer:

Cranberry Salsa with Cream Cheese

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