Unusual New Uses for your Colander! (Perfect for holding cake pops & so much more!)

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Unusual uses for your colander!

Unusual New Uses for your Colander!  (Perfect for holding cake pops & so much more!)

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Colanders have been pigeon holed into one simple task. They drain pasta. That’s it? Not so! You can do so much more with your colander and not just in the kitchen. It’s time to put it to work!

Wash produce: Your colander offers you a wonderful solution to all of your produce washing problems. Dropping your grapes, carrots, potatoes and other produce into the colander means you can carefully wash each piece without losing any down the drain. So next time you come home from the grocery store with a bag full of apples, bring out the colander to help scrub them clean.

Prevent grease splatters: The problem with putting a top on most pots and pans is that there are no air holes for the water vapor to escape. Instead, grab a metal colander and invert it over your greasy burgers or other frying projects to keep the grease in while still letting the air out.

Bath toy drying tool: Grab all of the rubber duckies and other bath toys out of the water with a colander. Shake out the extra water, then store the bath toys away. A colander makes a great toy drainer, and also a great storage spot…

Make a garden planter: Some of the old fashioned colanders are rather pretty looking. With built in drainage for your plants, it’s an easy, pretty planter for hanging plants indoors and out.

Confectionary buddy: Next time you’re making cake pops, lollipops, or any other snacks on a stick, grab a colander to help out. The holes make a great place to hold sticks while the icing or chocolate dries, without any messy clean up required.

Bug tent: Keep your food bug-free while grilling or picnicking outdoors with a colander. Just lay the colander over the food to keep the pests out.

Water-free ice bowl: Hate it when your ice bowl gets filled up with water? Why not give the water somewhere to drain to? Grab a bowl and set a colander on top of the bowl. Fill the colander with ice. Now when the ice starts to melt, it will fill up the empty bowl underneath the colander and leave you with nothing but  ice cubes!

Craft with it: Colanders make for awesome lamp shades, wind chimes, and even whole light fixtures. So grab a pretty antique colander and let your imagination run wild!

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  1. What great ideas! My mind is going through so many possibilities now that I read this list! Thanks for the info :)