Unique Ways to Use Baby Powder

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baby powder

Unique ways to use Baby Powder

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Baby powder is a cheap and useful tool to keep around the house. So run to to the dollar store or supermarket and grab a bottle, because some of its uses are amazing!

  1. Keep your cool: If it’s getting hot outside and your air conditioner can’t quite keep up, use some baby powder! Sprinkling it over your sheets will help to keep it cool and absorb sweat, so you’ll get a great nights sleep. Refreshing!
  2. Less sandy bottoms: Keep sand at bay on your next beach trip by sprinkling your sandy clothes with some baby powder. The powder will help to keep the sand out of the car, and on the beach where it should be!
  3. Soak it up: Oil spills can be nasty, especially if you break a bottle of olive oil in your vehicle or on a carpet. But baby powder can help to absorb the oils from your carpet or clothing not problem! Pour the powder over your spill while it is still wet, and let it do all the work. The powder will soak up most of the oil for you!
  4. Scrub the pooch: If your dog is smelling a bit musty, but it’s too cold for them to take a bath, rub them down with baby powder! The powder will soak up the oils on their skin and leave them smell fresh without the time of a full bath.
  5. Walk Quietly:  If you’ve got a squeaky wood floor, a little sprinkle of baby powder will help silence your steps!
  6. Hair Fix:  No time to wash your tresses?  Sprinkle a little powder in at the roots, massage it into your scalp and comb it through.  Powder makes a great dry shampoo!  (This works AWESOME!!)
  7. Rubber Gloves:  Having trouble slipping on your rubber gloves? Lightly dust your hands with powder and the gloves will slide right on!

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  1. Swimmer Tip: Sprinkle baby powder on the inside and outside of swim caps when dry (after rinsing in clean water), then roll in a paper towel. This keeps the cap from sticking to itself and prolongs its life.

  2. If you splash or dribble grease on your clothes, dust with baby powder. It soaks up the grease and washes out in the laundry. No grease spots on your clothes. This is tried and true. I keep a small bottle of it in my trailer when we are camping. All the BBQ’ing splashes wash out easily!

  3. Carpet deodorizer- Sprinkle baby powder lightly over the carpet and let stand for 15-30 minutes and then vacuum it. It will absorb the funky smells from pets and shoe traffic.
    Shoe deodorant- sprinkle inside shoes generously to absorb moisture and smell. It also helps prevent blisters in athletic shoes and new shoes you are breaking in.
    Help slipping off tight rings- rub a fair amount of baby powder on the finger and on the ring that is stuck and it should slide right off.
    Absorbing the under the breasts moisture in the warmer weather- sprinkle the powder either directly into the bra cups or pour into your hands and rub it under the breasts.
    Putting on nylons or tights- rub your legs with a bit of powder to help ease the nylons and tights over them without snagging or hanging up on the skin. (Do the same thing for Spanx or other minimizing clothing)
    Drying book pages- sprinkle between the pages of a wet or damp book and let sit overnight, the pages should dry without water staining or yellowing.
    Socks- Sprinkle inside socks to help keep your feet cool and dry.
    Use instead of a pressed powder to absorb oils and perspiration on your face- Use a powder brush to lightly dust the powder over your face and then sweep it off after a few minutes. It will remove oils and shine with it.
    Displaying fingerprints on mirrors or flat surfaces for cleaning- (not recommended that you do this on electronic equipment). Using a powder brush, lightly dust surface with powder to reveal fingerprints so that you can clean them off of windows, mirrors, etc.
    Also makes a neat science experiment for kids on lifting prints off of solid objects by having them press their fingers on to a glass or flat surface, then dust with the powder brush with powder and use a piece of transparent tape to lift the print.