Unique Ways to Use Salt

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Salt is one of those household staples everyone has around. It sits on the table in a shaker and might be brought out for a stew or to salt some pork, but salt has tons of uses for everywhere in your home!


Artificial flowers: Artificial flowers have a tendency to get dusty, dirty and lose their original coloring under a layer of film that builds  up over time. If you store your seasonal plastic flowers in the attic, you’ll find them to looking a little sick when you’re ready to bring them out again. The solution? Put a cup of salt into a brown paper lunch bag. Add the flower petals and shake them around a little in the bag. Your petals will come out looking like new!

Oven spills: Take a pinch of cinnamon and add it to your tablespoon of salt. Sprinkle the mix over the spill while it’s still hot. The salt will help to break down the food, and will scrub away when the oven is cooled enough to clean. No more baked on grime in your oven, and no more burn smell when you cook!

Wicker: Salt water is a great cleaner for wicker. If your white wicker is looking a little yellow, rub it with the salt and water mixture (you can add a little lemon for a fresh scent). The yellow tinge will fade, leaving your wicker looking brand new.

Ants: If you have a trail of ants that likes to come into your home from a window, sprinkle some salt along the edge of the weather stripping. The ants won’t cross a threshold covered in salt, so it will save your kitchen from an army of bugs!

Milk: Does your carton of milk seem to go bad long before you’re done using it? Add a pinch of salt to your carton when you first open it and shake. The salt will preserve the milk a little longer. Another quick tip: try storing your milk in the back of the fridge; it will keep longer that way too!

Better Whipped Cream:  The tiniest pinch of salt added to your cream will help it whip up extra quick and high!  (The same works for egg whites!)

Canker Sore Cure:  Have a painful canker sore in your mouth?  Rinse your mouth with a very weak salt water solution (1 tsp per cup of water) a few times per day to help relieve pain and heal.

Poison Ivy: Have some poison ivy or oak living in your front yard? You can’t burn it or pull it out, and weed killers aren’t always effective. But salt is! Pour some soapy salt water over the roots of the plants and watch them wither away to nothing. No more poison ivy rashes!

Coffee: Putting a little salt into your cheap coffee grounds before brewing it can enhance the flavor; also, if your coffee has been sitting on the counter a little too long, put some salt to make it taste almost like fresh brewed again!

Coffee Stains: Your mugs will begin to look brown on the inside from all of those hundreds of cups of coffee every year. Those brown stains can be impossible to clean. Just soak them in a saltwater solution overnight and the soaked-in coffee stains will vanish, leaving your mugs looking new again.

Baked on Food: Baked on food can ruin your pans, but don’t throw them out just yet. Try sprinkling a little salt it, then dampen. After a few hours, the salt will break up the baked on food enough that you can wipe it right off.

Clean your glasses: If your wine glasses have a little bit of a colored film on the inside that washing doesn’t remove, warm water and salt will clear it right up with no elbow grease. Just an overnight soak will make your glass sparkle and shine.

Wash your spinach: Fresh Spinach can take several rinsings to get all of the sandy texture out. Try rinsing it in a salt bath instead, and it will cut down considerably on your washing time.

Cut Fruit: Dipping cut fruit in a saltwater bath will keep them looking fresh. No more browning fruit trays!




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