Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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Prepare Your Home for Winter

prep for winter

It’s getting cold outside. The mornings are cool, the air is crisp and winter is right around the corner. What can you do this year to get your home ready for winter?

Put all your ceiling fans in reverse: On top of most ceiling fans is a tiny switch; what is it for? It reverses the direction of your fan, so it pulls the air up instead of blowing it down. You should reverse the direction of your ceiling fan when the air starts to cool, forcing the warm air from the ceiling back to the floor, where you can enjoy it.

Wash your windows: Washing the windows both inside and out will allow light into the house unfiltered, which will help to keep your house warm. Also, getting that close to every window will help you to check for air leaks and caulking that is not up to snuff.

Turn off exterior water fixtures: Turning off the flow of water to outside fixtures and emptying hoses of water will prevent ice damage so you will be ready for spring watering.

Clean out your gutters:   I know, it’s not fun…  but be sure to clean out your gutters before rain or snow arrives!  Clogs can cause back ups which can result in expensive leaks.

Check your fireplace: Make sure your fireplace is clean, free of cracks and debris, and is not drafty. It will help prevent heat loss through the chimney, and will ensure your fireplace is operating safely.

Tune up your heating system: Get a tuneup for your boiler, making sure your heater is in top shape for winter. Good to know if there’s a problem before it is below freezing outside!

Get some weatherstripping: Replace all of your weatherstripping that is starting to go flat to ensure a tight seal around all of your doors and windows.

Remove air conditioners: If you have any window cooling units, make sure to remove them for the winter, if you can. You will get better seals on your windows if the window is closed. However, if you can’t remove it, make sure to cover and seal the unit as airtight as possible.

Check your alarms:  It’s a good idea to check the batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide alarms a couple of times throughout the year.

Preparing your home for winter can save you a lot of money over the course of the winter. Make sure your home is as prepared for cold weather as you are!



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