Tips for Keeping Your Leather in Shape!

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Leather couches, leather purses, leather jackets… They can be difficult to clean and keep looking new. Here’s a guide to keep your leather looking great and keeping it protected!

Do it Yourself Cleaner: Got a spot on your leather? Mix one part lemon juice (fresh squeezed) with one part cream of tartar. Work the paste into the spot on your leather. You can let this sit for several hours on the couch or jacket if the spot doesn’t wipe away immediately!  (Always test in a hidden spot first to make sure it’s safe for your item).

Don’t Sunbathe: Just as too much sun is bad for your skin, sunlight is also bad for leather. Keep the leather couch out of direct sunlight and make sure to store your leather jacket in a closet.

Check Your Tags: Most leather products come with handy cleaning tips on the tags. Check under the cushions and inside the your coat or shoes for cleaning directions. The tag will have more specific instructions for your particular type of leather or product.

Saddle Soap: Wiping your leather products down with saddle soap on a regular basis will keep them clean and protected. Depending on how often you use your leather sofas or shoes, you may want to do this once a week. Saddle soap is a great product, and can be found in most drugs stores, like Walgreens and CVS.

Condition Your Leather: Keep your leather conditioned by rubbing it down with some homemade conditioner! Add 1 part beeswax to 1 part cocoa butter and 1 part oil (olive oil works best). Mix them up under low heat or use an old crock pot to mix up the ingredients, then pour the liquid into a greased form. This will make a solid bar of leather conditioner that you can rub over your leather. It’s even great for your skin!

Soft Clothes: Never use any abrasive cleaners or cloths on your leather. Abrasive cloths will damage the surface which will make your leather wear out even faster!


Leather is a great, hardy product. With proper upkeep, your leather sofas, jackets, shoes, or purses can be around for a long time!



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