Super Cool and Easy Gift to Make for under $5!

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This so cool and super easy!  My 14 year old made this one completely by herself!


  • 1 Canvas (Any size)
  • Crayons (old or new)
  • Glue Gun & Hot Glue
  • Hair Dryer
  1. Hot Glue the crayons to the top of the Canvas
  2. Stand the Canvas up on one end (Make sure your area is protected)
  3. Blow dry the crayons until they melt and run down the canvas
  4. Done!!

Here is a beautiful one my sister and her kids made <3!


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4 comments on “Super Cool and Easy Gift to Make for under $5!”

  1. This looks really cute and fun. This is something that would bring out the picaso in my daughter ha ha .

  2. My daughter and I can’t wait to try this. She wants to hang it in her “new” bedroom.

  3. This looks like super mega fun and easy to do… I am going to searching for old crayons now or go buy some so I can so this!!!

  4. Wow, This is GREAT! I will have to do this with my 3 1/2 yr old son for xmas presents for the grandparents. I can let him pick the colors & arrange them, while I glue them & then we can both blow dry the crayons. SO COOL! Thanks! I have never seen this craft before :)

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