How to remove Nail Polish

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How to remove Nail Polish Spills from different surfaces!

How to Remove Nail Polish from Surfaces

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Well your fingers look great but you spilled a bit of your nail polish on the bathroom counter? Or the kids got into your nail polish stash and decided to play “salon?”

Fear not!  Nail polish can be difficult to get off or out of things in your home but is NOT impossible. The first thing to consider is what exactly the nail polish has stained.  You will need to take a different approach depending on whether the stain is on fabric, a hard surface, wooden furniture, etc.  Here are some ideas and, keep in mind that the most important thing is to act fast!

On wood:  If it has totally dried, you may be able to use a plastic putty knife and simply the scrape the polish away.  Spritz the area with hairspray and then let it sit for 20 seconds.  Wipe away the stain.  You may have to repeat this process a few times.

On cloth:  Always perform a spot test before dousing your comforter or best towels in anything!  Once you have done so, try nail polish remover.  Scrub the area and then wash.It really may be just that simple.  If not, you may try the hairspray trick mentioned above.  If that doesn’t work, get to a dry cleaner as soon as possible and show them the stain.

On hair: (Think toddlers, here!)  If the polish is still wet, you can try and clean it out with nail polish remover.  If the polish is dry then try working conditioner through your hair and allowing the “pieces” of polish to fall and flake out.

On Light-Colored Carpet:  Use nail polish remover to scrub it out (be sure to test a small spot).

On Darker Carpets: Try hairspray or alcohol.  Do NOT put nail polish remover on darker carpets.  It will discolor it.

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