Relaxing At Home Spa Treatments

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at home spa treatments

Relaxing Homemade At-Home Spa

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Day spas are lots of fun and are relaxing, but they can also cost lots of money! If you love a girls’ night out, but hate the expense, try making the spa at home. Most of what you need is probably already in your kitchen, so grab your friends (and a babysitter), and get ready for an at-home, homemade spa day in!

The Lemon Scrub: Get rid of your blackheads with this awesome facial scrub. Cut a lemon in half, and pour honey over the fruit. Then, sprinkle on a little salt. Rub the lemon into your skin to help clean out your pores, soften your skin, and get rid of any dry skin that’s hanging around!

The Fantastic Foot Soak: Soak away all of your cares with this super easy foot bath! Fill a shallow basin or bucket with warm milk or warm buttermilk. Sprinkle in about a tablespoon of big crystal salt and your favorite essential oil, like lavender. Then drop your feet in. The essential oils will help to relax you, while the warm milk soaks in, softening the calluses on your feet and making them super smooth!

The Silky Haired Bomb: Need to add some moisture to your tired hair? Microwave a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and, starting at the tips, cover all of your hair with it. Let the coconut oil sit for an hour, then wash and rinse. After that, grab an avocado and mash it up, then apply the mash to your roots and rub it into your scalp. The oils in both of these products will help your hair to become smooth and silky, and even will get your hair to grow in even silkier than before!

The Teeth Whitener: Whiten your teeth with a couple of strawberries! Mash your strawberries into a paste, then rub it over your teeth. Let the paste sit for about ten minutes before rinsing. Your teeth will feel revitalized and look whiter!

The Tea Time: After steeping a nice pot of tea for all of your friends, take the tea bags to use as eye puffiness relievers! Just place the still-wet bags of tea leaves over your eyes and let them sit for about five to ten minutes. Earl grey and green tea work the best; make sure you use a tea with a little caffeine in it!

The Better Body Scrub: Grab your blender and get ready for a better body scrub! You can actually make this ahead of time and keep it in the fridge for up to a week! Blend up a cucumber, some milk leaves, 4 tablespoons of olive oil or honey and 2 cups of white sugar or salt. The scrub is great for removing excess skin and make your whole body feel soft and silky!

The All Over Favorite Wake Up: Squeeze a orange into a squirt bottle, then fill the rest up with water. Spritz your whole body for a vitamin C boost, and a relaxing yet wakeful feeling!

The Mental Spa: While everyone is relaxing at the “spa,” you should try a little yoga or meditation to bring the relaxation up to maximum! With a healthy mind, you can have a healthier, cleaner, and leaner body!

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