Recipe FAQ

Q: How can I print your recipes?

A: Each recipe has a print button located above the ingredients list.

Q: I tried your recipe and it didn’t work for me. Why?

A: Since I am not in your kitchen, I can’t say for sure why a particular recipe isn’t working for you. That being said, if recipe isn’t working for you there are a few steps you can take.

First, read over the recipe and ingredients to ensure nothing snuck past you.
Ensure you haven’t made substitutions of any sort the first time you try a new recipe.
Read through the reader comments as well as the full description in the post for tips regarding the recipe.
If you still aren’t sure, please leave me a comment directly on the recipe and I will do my best to trouble shoot and help you along. It’s best to post directly on the recipe because others may have the same question or suggestions on how to fix it!

Q: Can this recipe be made with {insert ingredient here} instead?

A: Recipes provided have been made only as written. There are literally hundreds of ingredients that can be swapped out, tested or tried. I cannot say for sure if your substitution will work or not if I haven’t personally tried it. I generally suggest trying the recipe as written the first time you make it and then adding in your own modifications.

Q: Why are ingredients like {insert ingredient here} included in recipes? Those aren’t healthy ingredients, they contain chemicals.

A: provides to all types of recipes for all levels of skill and lifestyles. These recipes include a variety of ingredients including some boxed mixes, packaged items and canned items. If these items don’t fit in with your personal lifestyle, there are several ‘from scratch recipes here too! Visit the recipe index to find more recipes!

Q: Can you provide nutritional information?

A: I am unable to provide nutritional information beyond calories at this time. Foods can vary by brand. No information on is to be taken as or considered medical information. There are many nutritional calculators online, my favorite is found at as they’ve made it very easy. Just copy the link in the address bar and add it to their calculator… no need to add in the ingredients! Easy right?