Quick Fix: How to Remove Permanent Marker

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Quick Fix: How to Remove Permanent Marker

permanent marker

Quick Fix:  How to Remove Permanent Marker

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Did your little ones get some permanent marker on the couch, the table or the wall? What a mess! But not to worry; here are some easy fixes for permanent marker on your stuff.  Always test a little spot in a hidden area to make sure the fix doesn’t damage the surface!

Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer: Works great on kitchen surfaces, like countertops!

Rubbing Alcohol:  You can also use rubbing alcohol.  In the science lab, we would use alcohol to remove permanent marker from our test tubes & beakers.

Toothpaste: Use white toothpaste to get permanent marker off of your dining room table. Let the toothpaste sit on the area for about five minutes, then wipe away. If you only have gel toothpaste around, use a mix of baking soda a little water to make a paste instead!

Magic Erasers: Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers are the best scrubbers on the market, and are safe on most surfaces!

Nail polish remover: Awesome for getting permanent marker off of your fingers.

What do you use to remove permanent marker in your home?

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  1. I used Goo Gone to get sharpie off of the front of some printed glossy photos (the marker transferred from the back of photos that were stacked together before drying fully), without ruining the photos at all. Goo Gone is awesome!

  2. My son decided to use a black sharpie to write on your oak medicine cabinet. He wrote BOYS on one side and GIRLS on the other :l

  3. if someone writes with a Sharpie on your white board, you can easily remove it – with a dry-erase marker, write exactly over the Sharpie marks. Let it set for about 30 seconds and it wipes away.

    There’s a solvent in the erasable ink (to keep it erasable) that will completely dissolve the Sharpie ink.

  4. To remove permanent marker from fabric, saturate the mark with hairspray then launder as usual. Even removes old marks!

  5. I tried many remedies after getting red Sharpie on my favorite high thread count, 100% cotton sheets. I finally hit upon dabbing the stains with peroxide and letting them dry in the sun. After 2-3 treatments, the stains were gone-and the was no impact on the cream/beige color of the sheets. Whew!