Preschool Valentines Day Craft!

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bead heart

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This bead heart is really cute and super easy to make.

Do you know my favorite part about it?  There is no mess, that’s right NO glue, NO paint, and NO glitter.

It’s perfect for the preschool aged crowd because it uses fine motor skills to thread each bead onto the pipe cleaner.  You can also ask your child to work the beads into a pattern, sort them by color or count the beads as they put them on.



  • Start out with a pipe cleaner and some pony beads (we used red and white but you can use any color you like)beading fingers
  • String the beads on to your pipe cleaner until you have about ½ inch left on each end of the pipe cleaner
  • Twist the pipe cleaner ends together and shape it into a heart.
  • It can be worn as a bracelet, made into a picture frame by gluing a photo to the back, or add a string to it for a hanging decoration like we did

You can also cut the pipe cleaners in half and make smaller hearts to hang on sting as a necklace! How cute would that be?!?

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  1. I like this Valentine craft. When my youngest was little she could be occupied for a really long time with beads. I think you could probably do the same craft for other holidays. Like a tree for Christmas, or a shamrock for St Patty’s Day, etc. Cute!