Make cut flowers last longer with these simple tips!

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Make cut flowers last longer with these simple tips!

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Cut flowers look great decorating the house, but they seem to wilt and wither away so quickly. And the plastic ones just don’t look (or smell) the same. Not to worry! There are some simple ways to keep your cut flowers lasting longer than you ever thought possible.

Know where you’re buying them: One of the reasons cuts flowers die so quickly is that they were cut days or maybe even a week before you pick them up at the store. Find a fresh flower greenhouse, where they will cut your flowers for you while you wait. The flowers will last much longer.

  1. Give a penny: Drop a penny into the water along with your flowers. The penny will help to keep the blooms younger looking with just a hint of copper.
  2. Let them drink: Adding a quarter to a half of a shot of vodka will keep your plants pretty and blooming for days longer. The alcohol in pure vodka will help to kill bacteria and keep your plants clean. This will keep them from rotting on the stems and dying quickly.
  3. Spray them down: Grab a little high quality hairspray and spritz the tops of the blooms. It will keep prevent bacteria from around the house from settling on the blooms and wreaking havoc on your new plants. Note: Not all hairsprays are created equal! Test your brand of hairspray on one or two flowers before spray whole bunches.
  4. Soda: Add a few drops of fizzy drink to your flowers’ water. The sugars in soda will keep them looking alive and beautiful for days! You can also use white or brown sugar for this.
  5. Condition them: For about five hours before arranging them, condition your flowers in water. You can leave them in a sink full of cool water or in a bucket on the floor. Once the five hours are up, you can arrange them in the vase. The conditioning will help them to survive longer in their new home.
  6. Aspirin: Keep your flowers looking healthy with uncoated, white aspirin tabs. You can break up the tab into a power, then sprinkle about a half a tab in. It will make all the difference!
  7. Keep it clean: Clean out the vase with hot water and soap every three days to keep everything clean, healthy, and your cut flowers lasting as long as possible!

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