How to Keep Your Fresh Veggies Fresh Longer!

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How to keep Your Vegetables Fresh Longer

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Time for dinner! Reaching into the fridge, you think you remember buying a really yummy looking corn on the cob, or a giant head of broccoli that would go great with dinner. But when you reach in for it, it squishes in your fingers. Gross. But you just bought it three days ago!

So much fresh food goes to waste because we haven’t learned to store them properly. Not only a waste of great produce, but a huge waste of money!!

Produce is especially hard to store, because they are so individualized in their needs. But here are some best practices to keep your veggies yummy:

1. Research the type of veggie online, to learn best storage practices. For example:

  • lettuce and greens should be washed and dried off before storing.  I toss a paper towel in the bag and this keeps them fresh and crisp for over a week.
  • root vegetables need to be left unwashed
  • celery should be wrapped in aluminum foil in the fridge
  • garlic should be stored at room temperature on the counter, within easy reach.


2. Freezing can be pleasing! Most berries, corn, green beans, carrots and even root veggies can easily be stored frozen. Just clean them, cut and store in a resealable bag or plastic container.  This preserves the nutrients too… so if you know you aren’t going to use them up… freeze them instead.

Things not to freeze? Leafy greens (except spinach) don’t like the cold, and neither do tree fruits, like oranges and apples.
3. Canning or preparing! I like to make huge vats of chicken soup during the summer with fresh vegetables and then eat it all winter long. Another good way to store your foods is to can them as preserves or blanch them to make yummy, canned veggies and fruits. This is also great to make sure your food is in season, no matter when you eat it!

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  1. What is the best way to keep cucumbers fresh? I’m tired of buying them and w/in a few day they’re no good! I thought it was washing them and wrapping them in paper towels but that didn’t seem to work either. I only buy ones that are very hard. Thanks!

    1. To keep cucumbers fresh longer, wrap your cucumbers in paper towels and store them in a plastic bag. This method will keep them fresh the longest!