How to Keep Your Keyboard (and your computer) clean!

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How to Safely Clean your Keyboard and Computer!  This can definitely help extend the life of your computer!

How to Keep Your Computer Clean

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Is your computer dusty, grimy and covered in oils from your fingers? Gross. It may be time to do some spring cleaning for your computer as well. Although all computer systems are different, there are some, usually safe methods of keeping your computer clean and running smoothly.

Cleaning your computer helps to keep all of the parts working correctly, promotes proper airflow and allows the fan to blow properly!  This can result in a better running machine, save on costly repairs and extend the life of your computer.

Note: Always make sure to check out your owner’s manuals and make sure to clean your computer as per the directions. Always be careful to unplug your computer while cleaning it to avoid electrocution.  Use these tips at your own discretion.  Spend with Pennies is not liable for any damage to computer systems.

Start with the screen: The screen is the easiest part to clean. All you need is a microfiber cloth and a little bit of elbow grease. Using window cleaner or all-purpose cleaner on your screen can damage it, so make sure never to use liquids on or near your computer.

Shine the mouse: Mice are handled so often, most of them are just slathered in germs. Most mice can handle a good scrub down with a slightly damp anti-bacterial wipe. It will probably not damage the mouse, so long as the wipe is not dripping wet.

Clean out the keyboard: All you need for cleaning your keyboard is a can of compressed air and an antibacterial wipe! First, take your keyboard outside, or in an area you don’t mind dust and grit floating around. Spray the canned air carefully between each line of keys. The dust and dirt build up will fly out there, so make sure you spray away from your eyes. If the keyboard is an exterior keyboard, you can squeeze out the a standard antibacterial wipe ( or use an antibacterial wipe designed for electronics), then run it over the keyboard’s keys to get the skin oils and grime off. However, if you have a laptop, you’ll want to skip this step, and use a dry microfiber cloth instead.

Clean the fan: Fans in computers help the internal workings to stay cool, so you want to make sure there’s nothing obstructing the fan that might slow it down. Make sure to blow them off with canned air, and clean the fan area out of any hair, from pets or humans, that might have gotten tangled in there. A better working fan will prevent overheating and make your computer last longer!

Dust the outside: Using a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner, you can dust the outside of the computer, and the inside of the tower. Make sure not to touch or move any of the pieces on the inside, but instead focus on the empty parts of the tower with the cloth or vacuum.

Dust the working parts: Grab a can of canned air and carefully spray out all of the working pieces of the computer. Try not to touch any of the pieces, to avoid transferring and oils from your fingers. Keep the canned air at least six inches from all surfaces when you spray the air. The air will get rid of dust and dirt without damaging the internal workings of your computer.

Use these tips at your own discretion.  Spend with Pennies is not liable for any damage to computer systems.

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