How to Use Board Booster

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Step-by-Step! How to use Board Booster to Schedule Pins! Board Booster can seem a little daunting to set up but it's actually not difficult! Save time and grow your traffic!

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How to Use Board Booster

If you’re a blogger and you rely on Pinterest to help promote your content, you are going to LOVE Board Booster. My good friend Sarah who blogs over at High Heels and Grills was using Board Booster explained it to me and I’m telling you, it was life changing!

When I make a new recipe, I spend a total of 14 seconds getting it into my Board Booster schedule and that’s it … pinning forever in about 14 seconds! I told you it was magic (okay, maybe it’s not really magic but it’s pretty awesome)!

Don’t want the long winded explanation?

Print the step-by-step here!

I’m not gonna lie… it can seem a bit complex at first BUT I can assure you it’s not hard.  I’ve included step-by-step instructions below (with a printable to make it as simple as possible)!  Once you’ve followed the steps for your first board or your first recipe, it’ll all make sense and it’ll be a total breeze!  (Note: I use TailWind for scheduling Pins from other blogs.  More about that coming soon).

If you haven’t joined, you can sign up using my referral link below!

  Join Board Booster here! 

So, what is Board Booster?

If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Board Booster and you’re wondering what all of the fuss is about!  It’s a scheduling tool that can be used to quickly and easily schedule your own blog content to Pinterest.

The 3 main things I personally use Board Booster for…

  1. scheduling my own content to group boards
  2. scheduling my new content to all boards
  3. looping my old content to my own boards

There are certainly other things you can do with Board Booster and different ways to use it.  These are just the main ways that I personally use Board Booster!How to Use Board Booster

The basic premise is that you will set up secret boards with your content and Board Booster will use the secret boards to pin your content for all of the Pinterest world to see and enjoy!  Don’t worry, you will still have full control over times, frequencies, content and groups.

While it’s not free, the cost is very reasonable!   You will get an initial 100 pins free and after that it’s $0.01 per pin!  I’m currently paying about $10/month and it’s more than enough for me!  

Before you begin you will need to have a Pinterest account (obviously) and you will need to set up a Board Booster account (that’s my referral link there, if you don’t have a BB account you can sign up there).

Next, you will have to link your Board Booster account to your Pinterest account (which will require you to enter your Pinterest login information).

Ready to get set up? Let’s get started!

Scheduling Your Own Content

How Does It Work?

You will choose what content goes onto group boards by setting up secret boards.  The content on those secret boards is pinned to your selected group boards.  Don’t worry, you choose the content, the type of pins, the times and the boards in the initial setup.  

I personally have 4 secret boards for the most common types of posts I pin.  This allows me to post the correct content on my group boards (so I’m not posting pizza on a dessert board for example).  

The reason I personally prefer these boards to be secret is so that I do not flood my entire feed while setting up different boards with 100’s of pins.  You can certainly use any non-private/public boards if your recipes are already separated into categories suitable for your group boards.  I prefer to have more control over what is going out to group boards (meaning correct content as well as not including recipes from 2 years ago with photos that are not suitable for Pinterest).

My 4 secrect Board Booster boards are:

  • Board Booster SWEETS
    • (contains desserts of all kinds from my blog to pin to any dessert group boards)
  • Board Booster SAVORY
    • (contains non-desserts from my blog to pin to any ‘dinner’ type group boards)
  • Board Booster LONG PINS
    • (contains collages/longer pins, both sweet & savory to pin to general recipe boards that allow longer/collage Pins)
  • Board Booster SHORT PINS
    • (contains shorter non-collage, sweet & savory, to pin to general recipe boards that do not allow longer/collage pins)  

Those are the types of recipes I most often pin.  Your own secret boards may differ and you can certainly have more than four.  For example, if you belong to a few gluten free group boards you could have a gluten free secret board that pins to those particular group boards.   

Using those 4 boards, I can pin to most of the group boards I am a member of.  For example, if I have a dessert group board to pin to, I can set Board Booster to pin from my private SWEETS board because I know that this board contains only desserts.  If the board allows 3/day, I can have Board Booster select 3 random pins per day from my SWEETS board to pin to that dessert board.   Each time I have a new dessert, I can add it to my secret “SWEETS” board to add it to the rotation.

Step-By-Step HOW TO…

This is the long winded explanation …  if you just want the step-by-step with no explanation, you can print the details here!  (The printable is great to follow along as you’re setting up your first few boards as well).


First, you need to set up your secret boards.    These are the boards you will fill with content from your blog and then Board Booster will pin FROM these secret boards to various group boards.   For example, set up a sweets board and pin all of your dessert recipes to it.  Next, set up a secret savory board and pin all of your savory recipes to it.  Note:  You can pin from one secret board to several different group boards.

TIP:  If you have a board on Pinterest with all of your own blog recipes, you can pin from there to your secret board to make it quick and easy!


Make sure you have set up a Board Booster account before you continue.

Board Booster Scheduling for Dessert Recipes

Once you have set up your secret boards, you can set up your Board Booster sharing!  (YAY, finally)!

  1. Log into Board Booster and choose “SCHEDULER” on the top menu on the right.  
  2. You will then click “Add Boards” and select the board you would like to pin to and click continue.   (This step will take a little while. You will also notice that it creates a secret board which will be deleted later, you can ignore it for now).
  3. Choose how many pins per day you would like to do on that board (depending on how many the owner of the group board allows).  I usually let Board Booster select the times for me.  Next, click “SUBMIT”.

Now you will need to edit your settings (I’m not sure why you can’t do it all at once).

4.  In Board Booster Scheduler, click the board you just added.  Click the gear on the top right of Publishing.  Click Advanced Settings. There are 4 things you may want to change.

  • Choose the board you would like to pin from (so you might be pinning from your Board Booster Sweets secret board to a dessert board). 
    • NOTE:  The source board can be any board, even one of your public boards.  So if you have a public board with all of your content on it and it is fitting for your group board, you can use that.
  • Choose how you would like your Pins selected (I personally choose random) & the times you like to pin.
  • Be sure to select that When a Pin is Published “Keep it on Source Board” or Board Booster will delete your pins from your source (which is your secret board).  That probably isn’t what you want!  
  • When all of your Pins are published, there’s a good chance you want Board Booster to “Start Over”.

5.  Next, and this is important to stay organized… go into your secret boards and delete the new secret board that Board Booster just created.   Tip:  The board will be titled “-boardtitle”  so if you added a board called “YUMMY things” you’ll see a new secret board called “- YUMMY things” with a dash in front of it.  Board Booster created the board as your ‘source’ board but you don’t need it, just delete the secret board.

If you don’t have a Board Booster account, you can sign up here (referral link).

Printable Step-By-Step Directions


Now that you know how to easily schedule your own content to group boards using Board Booster, I am going to show you how I set up my new content to ensure it is shared on all of my applicable group boards!  This is done using a Board Booster Campaign.

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Holly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. Her greatest passion is creating in the kitchen and making deliciously comforting recipes for the everyday home cook!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial Holly!

  2. I just booked mark this and can’t wait to get it set up!! Thank you for talking me through it this weekend!

  3. I hope not a silly question but I’m in the middle of setting this up. I have the source board selected that is my secret board, how do I know which board of mine it will pin into? I’m a little confused on it. So I created a secret board on los carb snacks and have a public board on low carb snacks.

    • You will select the board it will pin to in step number 2. You are going to select “scheduler” and add the boards you would like to pin to there.

  4. I love you SO much for this right now!!!

  5. Thanks so much for this! I am so excited to get going on board booster! Wondering if you add holiday type recipes (such as Christmas or pumpkin etc.) to your sweets board of do you do those during “season”.

    • I do add holiday type recipes if they can be used at other times of the year (for example shortbread or sugar cookies or pumpkin pie dip). I personally don’t add recipes that are very specifically holiday oriented (such as Santa Clause or Christmas tree cookies). I feel like some board owners wouldn’t appreciate out of season recipes so I just try to leave them out.

  6. I just got Board Booster today and have NO idea where to start!
    This is very helpful, Holly. Thanks!

  7. This was so helpful. I didn’t know about the changing things to start over in the scheduler and realized I ran out of pins 10 days ago! Super helpful!

  8. Wow! Amazing! Just started using Pinterest and many things seemed like Greek! Thank you for making me understand how to use BoardBooster. I had sign up but didn’t know how to use it.

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