How to Schedule a Board Booster Campaign

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NOTE (June 2018):  Pinterest has recently advised that Board Booster is not an approved partner and using this service can result in termination of your Pinterest account.

For this reason, I have removed the directions to this post and will be rewriting directions using Tailwind who is an approved Pinterest partner.

Step-byStep instructions. How to Create a Campaign Using Board Booster! Quickly and easily promote your new content in seconds! Grow your traffic and your following!

What is a Board Booster Campaign?

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A Board Booster Campaign is an easy way to promote your new blog content over a series of days.  Promoting through a campaign helps to ensure that  new content goes out to suitable group boards as well as your own boards.  You likely don’t want your new content going out to 24 boards on the same day, instead Board Booster can pin  to 1 or 2 boards per day.

Once setup, you’ll only have to pin new recipes once to your secret board and Board Booster will do the rest! (Easy right??)Setting up a Campaign in Board Booster

How to Schedule a Board Booster Campaign

This is no longer available.  We have changed our processes to use Tailwind, an approved Pinterest partner.

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  1. This is such a great tutorial, thanks so much for putting this together! I just had one question regarding boardbooster and how far apart to space out new posts. Most tutorials I’ve seen seem to indicate the 5-30 pins per day rule but that number seems to include pins from other bloggers. You’re the first person who has given an actual number to the actual pins from your new blog post (thanks again for that!). The question is how do you space out your pins for a single post? Over a week? A month? A week sounds reasonable but I’m somewhat wary of having the same new recipe pop up 4-5 times per day especially as a starting blogger (less than 50 blog posts) but maybe I’m being paranoid. Have you noticed any issues with this when scheduling your post over 20 boards for instance? (Again speaking only to brand new posts!) Thanks!!

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful!

      The time will vary depending on how many boards you put it out to. I do about 1-2 pins of the new recipe per day to 20 boards so it’s close to 10 days for me. There is nothing wrong with doing more per day, just personal preference.
      I haven’t had any issues. With the new Pinterest algorithms readers won’t see the same pin over and over anyhow even though it seems like a lot to you. :)

  2. Thanks for explaining how you use campaigns in Board Booster. I’ve been wondering how to use them. Just set up my own campaign after reading this post. Thank you!

  3. I’ve heard so many pros and cons about Boardbooster. Sou shouldn’t use it because it’s not through the Pinterest API, etc. Are you still finding success with it? And are you still using it exclusively for pinning your own content? Thanks!