How to Make your Mornings Easier

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make your mornings easier

How to Make your Mornings Easier

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There’s so much to do in the mornings! Making lunches, getting the kids out of bed, making coffee, showering and dressing yourself, cooking breakfast… phew! You’re exhausted before your day even starts. Sounds like you need a new schedule for the morning with less stress and more time to sleep in or spend with your kids and hubby!


Make lunches: It will cut down on your AM chores before work. Make those sandwiches and bag the snacks before you go to bed!

Pick out your clothes: Getting your outfits together for the next day based on the weather report will make sure both you and your kids are digging through your closets for the right thing to wear ten minutes before you need to leave!  Don’t forget to pick your outerwear too, have your umbrellas, mittens and boots ready to go!

Create a to do list:  Not only will this make sure you remember everything, but having a to do list has been shown to help you sleep better!

Put backpacks and briefcases by the door: This will cut down on the “Mom, have you seen my __?” questions first thing in the morning!

Get plenty of sleep: Getting those Zzz’s will help you to be more alert and ready in the morning, and to wake up on time!


Don’t skip breakfast: Even if you don’t have the time to make eggs benedict and muffins every morning, make sure no one skips out on breakfast by having a plan. Make sure to make everyone the same thing, and make them portable by wrapping them in a coffee filter or putting them in a tupperware container, if they don’t have time to sit and eat.

Tune out:  Turn off the TV, especially for the kids, until everything is completely ready to go including teeth and hair!  If they are easily distracted, consider listening to the news on the radio.

Get themselves out of bed: Buy your child an alarm clock, so you don’t have to run up the stairs to wake them. They can wake themselves!

Workout in the AM: Getting up before work with plenty of time for a workout will help to get things moving in the morning and will make your whole day more productive. You’ll get your AM chores done in record time, and not forget a thing!

Have a schedule: Sarah has to be on the bus by 8AM, and hubby needs to leave early for that big meeting with the boss. Have a calendar with everyone’s schedules in plain sight, so no one is late for anything!

Once you make a routine, make sure you stick to it!  Extra pushes on the snooze button or dawdling kids make the routine pointless.  Consider having a reward for kids who are speedy…  for example a special cereal the next day.



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