How to Make an Easy Beaded Tree Ornament (and 7 other easy ornaments your kids can make!)

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8 simple ornaments for kids

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What better way to keep excited little hands busy than by filling up the tree with homemade ornaments?  Make sure you write the year on each item they make because it’s fun to remember as each item is pulled out each year to revisit it’s spot on the tree!

Below you’ll find 8 simple and sweet ideas that kids are SURE to love!

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament


  • ribbon or paper
  • beads
  • scissors
  • thread & needle

tree ornament so easy and cute


  1. Gather the materials above.  Your ribbon/paper can be any length depending on how large you want your tree and what size your beads are.
  2. Cut a long length of thread, loop it through the needle so you have a double strand.  Bead your first bead onto the thread and loop it as in photo 2 to  secure.
  3. Alternate ribbon/paper and beads making each loop a little shorter than the next one until you reach the top.  Loop your last bead over and cut any excess paper/ribbon.
  4. Leave enough string at the top to hang or you can attach a pretty ribbon.

Here are some other simple & fun ornament ideas:

The yummy wreath: Supply your kids with peppermints, icing, and some tiny candies to make sweet little edible holiday ornaments! Take five round peppermint candies and glue them together with the icing on a sheet of parchment paper. Let the kids go wild decorating their own yummy wreaths with icing and candy!

Button up: Grab a mixed bag of red, green, and white buttons from the craft store, and have your children stack and glue them together to make adorable little wreaths, trees, santas, and even reindeer!

Mini snow globe: Create a winter scene on a round piece of cardboard wrapped in tin foil with cotton balls, glitter, mini evergreens, snowmen and reindeer. Glue a clear, plastic cup over the top and make a mini snow globe ornament.

Cookie cutter ornaments: Get a selection of different colored glitter and some holiday shaped cookie cutters. Glue glitter to the outside of the cookie cutter, covering the entire cutter. Tie a pretty ribbon to the top and hang on the tree for a pretty, simple little ornament your kids can call their own!

Shaken glass ornaments: If you have any drab, clear glass ornaments, shake them up with a little paint! Have your children dribble paint into the ornament, starting with just a few drops of green, then shake. After the green dries, add a few drops of red, and shake again. Fill in the gaps between the colors with white by adding a teaspoon of white paint, then swirling it until all of the uncovered parts are white. The splattered paint inside will make interesting patterns, and will create a cool ornament that is unique! You can even continue to decorate with gold and silver paint pens on the outside of the glass!

North Pole signpost: Take a large craft stick and paint the entire stick red. Have your child add candy stripes to the craft stick, then glue a green arrow about ¾ of the way up the stick, with “North Pole” written on it. Have your children decorate their North Pole sign with fake snow, holly leaves and berries, and ribbons. Add a ribbon loop to the top for hanging.

Glitter cones: Dip pinecones in glue, then roll them in glitter. It’s a beautiful, simple ornament that even the youngest children can do, and it makes a super cute little addition to the tree! Don’t forget to add a ribbon for hanging!

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