How to Dry Nail Polish QUICKLY!

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dry your nail polish

 How to Dry Nail Polish QUICKLY!

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I love painting my nails …  but it makes me crazy that I can’t do anything after!  Here are some awesome tips to get your nails dried in a jiffy! 

Ice water:  Dipping your freshly painted digits in ice water for a couple minutes immediately helps set the polish quickly!

Use a blow dryer:  Your blow dryer is not only for drying your hair!  This can quickly dry your nails too!  Just set it to low heat and hold if over your nails for a little while!  (It won’t work on warm).

Thinner coats:  Painting your nails with thinner coats of paint and letting them dry between is much faster than using a couple of thicker coats (and as an added bonus, it usually goes on a lot smoother too!)

Cooking Spray:  As crazy as it sounds, a little spritz of cooking spray on your wet nails helps them dry quicker!  Added bonus, it moisturizes your cuticles too!

Quick Dry Top Coat:  Make your final coat a quick dry top coat.  While this doesn’t dry the layers underneath, it certainly give it a protective barrier while they dry!

Freeze Dry: If you’re really in a rush, put your hands in the freezer for a bit!  Crazy but true, the cool temperature will help set that polish in a jiffy!

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