How to Clear Your Paper Clutter

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clear your paper clutter

How to Clear Your Paper Clutter

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Has your kitchen table or counter been taken over by paper clutter? Is your desk barely visible under the stacks of paper, some of it months old? Take charge of your paper clutter. You’ll be more organized, and it will help to save you time, money, and maybe even some late fees on bills!

Sort your mail daily: The best way to get rid of clutter is not to have it in the first place! Sort your mail every day, toss the junk mail, sort the bills and throw out the envelopes. It will cut down on your clutter considerably.

Get a filing system: Have a file folder in the kitchen or office for bills, paid bills, tax documents, coupons, and anything else you need to keep close and easy-to-find. Get some pretty colored folders from your local office store, or use a fanning file folder or file drawer for everything important.

Clip your coupons: Clip your Sunday coupons when you get them and file them into your folder as soon as possible; don’t keep the whole newspaper if you don’t need it!

Throw away old magazines: Keeping a magazine for an article or recipe? Tear out what you need and file it away. Recycle the old magazine or newspaper instead of letting it clutter your space.

Get ebills: Cut down on clutter by getting your important statements from your bank and credit credit cards through email instead of snail mail. It will be easier to sort, and will always be on hand if you need it!

Phone photos: Instead of keeping messy papers on hand in your purse, take pictures or scan the papers into your phone. It will be easier to find and you’ll have it even on the road. Goodbye purse paper clutter!

Kid Binder:  Create a single binder and a hole punch nearby!  Use dividers for each person in your family (including your furry friends) and store school notices, papers for upcoming events, documents, vaccination certificates etc.  in one place!

Keep a calendar: Keeping letters and documents to remind you of important dates is a hassle. Keep all the dates you need in a datebook, or grab a dry erase calendar to remind you of important dates. Your phone can also keep your calendar for you, and you can set up reminders through email!

Stay on top of it: Clear out new paper clutter once a week, on a specific day. The best way to keep on top of your paper clutter is to have a schedule that allows you time to clear it out. Your kitchen counter and office desk will thank you for it!


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